2017 – AZREIA Launches New Programs & Offerings

Rather than give you the obligatory “speech” on how you should plan for a great 2017, I thought I would respect the fact that you already know you should do that without a reminder from me. Instead, I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you what we are working on in AZREIA to help you be successful in 2017. We have some interesting and pertinent new programs and offerings we are planning.

  • AZREIA Real Estate Investor “U” – A series of dozens of education videos on topics important to you as a real estate investor. These videos would be in 1-2 minute snippets focus on narrow topics. Major areas to be rolled out over time will include landlord/tenant issues, accounting questions, title and escrow actions, asset protection, estate planning, self-directed IRAs and others. The content will come from trusted sources giving you confidence in the information. The vision is the information contained in these videos will be searchable so you can find information you need when you need it.  We anticipate a first quarter launch! The name of this program is in development, so your ideas are appreciated.
  • Relaunch of the Chart of the Day – With the advent of AZREIA Real Estate Investor “U” we expect to relaunch the Chart of the Day and incorporate it into the rollout of educational and information videos in the “U”. The production time of market videos has been one of the challenges in posting the market information on a regular basis. The process of delivering the “U” content will improve the production time of market videos making these viable in 2017.
  • Anytime Information Access – One of AZREIA ongoing challenges has been providing members information in a concise and usable manner available on their schedule. Video is a way to do that in several areas. To start, we want to deliver videos that provide members a description of benefits along with why and how to use them. Also, the exceptional content in our Success Planning Session needs to be available to all members as soon as they join (or as a refresher). When you first decide real estate investing is the path to reach your goals, you don’t want to wait for valuable information to get you started. These two informative videos will do just that 24/7. We expect to add other educational content, as well. The major consideration isn’t whether we can deliver education classes on video, it is the value of live classes is much greater. Live classes provide the opportunity to interact with the expert instructor, ask questions and network with other investors.
  • 2017 Meetings – I believe our 2017 meeting programming will be the best yet. The topics of interest and the presenters/educators we have lined up are truly exceptional. One of particular note is our February meeting. Timothy and Christina Sandefur, attorney and coauthors of Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21stCentury America, will discuss some of today’s new threats to property rights—and what we can do about them. This is invaluable information for real estate investors.
  • Market Analysis – I will have access to a new source of data in 2017. It is exciting to me to be able to bring you entirely new analysis that hasn’t been available before. I will be able to look at fix & flips in their totality. I will know the data of homes sold outside of MLS which makes up about 20% of our market. I will be able to segment the market in numerous ways. I can turn and twist the data in ways to make the analysis important to investors. Stay tuned! The Market Update is about to get even more focused on you as an investors.

Our local real estate investment market is poised to start the year as one of the strongest seller’s markets in some time. Our rental market continues to expand in terms of units and rent increases. While things can certainly change, current information strongly suggests a great 2017 for real estate investors. Joins us for that discussion during the Workshop on January 9th and every month for information and education valuable to your continued success.

Smarter investing,

Alan Langston