No, I’m not talking about the real estate investing market exactly, but kind of. AZREIA group is part of the real estate investing market. I think it is a rather important part. AZREIA has to adapt and be responsive to changes in the market, too. That is why we have expanded our membership options.

I don’t think there is anything that comes close to providing Arizona real estate investors with the extent of market information, market analysis, networking opportunities, exposure to potential partners, deal opportunities, expert service provides, education, successful lobbying, etc. as AZREIA. Also, being in the mist of one of the greatest real estate investment markets of our lifetime means AZREIA role is even more important to the community. We need to better serve our current members, attract new members and improve our services.

One way we can do this is to offer memberships that better fit the needs of real estate investors. Here is AZREIA’s new membership offering:

Annual – Full Membership Privileges

    • $179 First Year & $149 Renewal
    • Family Member – $50 or Business Partner $99
    • Paid Guest Fee Applies to Membership if Joining at Meeting

Annual  – Paid Monthly – Full Membership Privileges

    • $15 Per Month – Minimum One Year
    • Family Member – $5 or Business Partner $10
    • Month-to-Month After First Year
    • Paid Guest Fee Does Not Apply – Membership Starts 1st of Next Month

On-line Membership – $69

  • Family Member – $10 or Business Partner $20
    • All Privileges Except Meetings
    • Pay Standard Guest Fee for Meeting

AZREIA has been very fortunate and as a result we haven’t ever raised our renewal dues. The above options allow the member to best choose what will work for them based on their needs and their budget.

One very important item, AZREIA exist because of members. Member pay dues that allow AZREIA to put on meetings, offer benefits and provide outstanding Government Affairs and lobbying efforts. Just because we have never raised renewal dues doesn’t mean our expenses haven’t gone up. They have, a lot. Over the past three to four years we have adjusted by lowering cost, but not service level. This hasn’t been easy, but through tremendous dedication by the staff we have pulled it off. However, there is one very important area that we will not be able to continue with the same level of service without supplementing the revenue stream to pay for it – lobbying.

AZREIA’s lobbying efforts by everyone’s account have been extraordinarily successful. Actually, we have significantly expanded our efforts over the past few years even as revenue from dues have been lower. I feel strongly this area needs to continue to be fully funded, but that will require the support of our membership. Beginning with membership renewals in November, you will be given the opportunity to contribute directly to our Government Affairs effort by voluntarily by selecting an additional amount to add to your dues. This may be $25, $50, $100 or any amount you feel good about. All of the funds raised will go directly to our lobbying efforts. Please note that contributions for Government Affairs/Lobbying are not tax deductable. If necessary, we will also have a fund raising campaign once or twice a year.

Every real estate investor that invests in Arizona has benefited from our successful efforts at the State and municipality level. We have prevented bad new legislation, stopped additional regulation and defeated new fee and taxes. If you own rental property, Fix & Flip, wholesale, invest in paper or profit from any other strategy you have benefits from our efforts. I trust you understand the value and hope you will contribute to AZREIA continuing and enhancing our efforts in this vital area important to us all.

Smarter investing,
Alan Langston