As everyone knows, the CDC eviction moratorium was struck down by the United States Supreme Court. While the full case will still be litigated for years, the eviction moratorium is now unenforceable.
In last Friday’s newsletter announcing the Supreme Court decision, we wrote about the different options available to clients based upon whether they had a judgment, when the judgment was entered and what payments, if any, have been made.
We can all be honest – while its great to have the legal steps set forth in writing, it also helps to hear the attorneys analyze the issues. Attorneys Mark Zinman and Amy Toppel analyze the Supreme Court decision, the potential other threats facing our industry, and options available to clients regarding their delinquent residents.
As always, we advise clients to continue to work with their residents as much as possible and help them apply for rental assistance. However, for those residents that have done nothing to communicate or pay rent, and taken no action to obtain rental assistance, its important clients know the best way to proceed with their legal rights.
Remember, while this moratorium has ended, the additional rules regarding evictions are here to stay. Substantially more work is required on each eviction, and we need more information from managers for each case. Be sure you send all information in with each eviction, to get your cases processed timely.