If you are an AZREIA member or have been coming to the meetings, you know how exceptional your opportunity is today for bank owned property. Prices are low and rents are high. Supply is high, but demand is strong and appears to be growing. Our Market Update has been showing this for the last few months.

 Whether you are new to real estate investing or experienced in acquiring REOs, Andy Heller’s full-day seminar will help you take full advantage of this unique opportunity. This seminar isn’t just about buying REOs. You can do that yourself. It is about buying REOs before they get on MLS, renting them using a proven Rent Smart Lease Option, and selling at the right time at a high price.

Attend this most important workshop, Saturday the 22nd or Saturday the 29th, on participating in Arizona’s exceptional REO market and receive Andy Heller’s book Buy Even Lower that was rated within the top 3 real estate books of the year, and it cost over $20 in bookstores today. All those who pre-register for this workshop get this book at the end of the workshop for FREE!

We were completely floored by the information Andy shared at the AZREIA monthly meetings, and the utter simplicity of his investment strategy.  Beginners will love it and seasoned investors will immediately appreciate the opportunity Andy’s strategy offers them today.

Watch Andy’s “Time is Money” video below and be sure to register for this event at www.azreia.org before seats sell out!