Because you’ve got bigger things to worry about!

Ask any investor and they’ll tell you they have a lot on their plates – not to mention an eye on the horizon looking for that next deal. Insurance should be one of the last things investors have to worry about especially when it comes to good coverage and quality customer service. Arcana knows this and understands it well. That is why they offer unique, intelligently designed insurance coverage for today’s real estate investors. Because, as they say, “you’ve got bigger things to worry about.”

Through their exclusive partnership with National REIA, Arcana Insurance Services, LP is offering NREIA members multiple insurance products specifically designed for Investors and their tenants. Features include no Underwriting or inspections, 24/7 desktop and smartphone Certificate delivery system, outstanding Claims Management service, the best time tested cash flow Insurance products available in the insurance market, and a very knowledgeable and courteous staff to take care of your insurance needs. What more could you ask for?

The difference is Arcana views itself not as a commodity but a committed business partner. They view relationships as a mutual journey versus an annual contractual arrangement. They understand that National REIA revolves around these three words, Promote, Protect and Educate.

Arcana believes in PROMOTING their insurance clients through joint long term planning and the investment of capital to enhance their client’s position in their respective markets. Their customized insurance programs PROTECT your investment capital and real estate collateral. They strongly believe in EDUCATING their insureds through various media outlets and on-site presentations and discussions on the insurance topics of the day to make you better informed.

• Investor Program
• Renters Content & Tenant Liability
• Flood Insurance
• Builder’s Risk

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