You’ve heard the adage, “80% of your results come from 20% of your eff orts?” Well, we believe that the majority of our members are getting the same results from their investment in membership with AZREIA. Most, if not all of you, attended and joined for the access to all the events, subgroups, information, and networking made available through AZREIA PLUS & Individual Memberships. But have you poked around on the website lately to learn or review all the discounts, rebates, and benefits that come with being a member? Maaaaaybe? Maaaaaybe not!?! Well, we’re gonna take some time to update you on some changes coming your way to some of our most requested and utilized investing and landlord services and discounts available to AZREIA members. We think it’s essential, not only to remind you how much time and due diligence was spent crafting these benefits, but that we continue to provide feedback based on your experience to evolve and create value adds including Educational content such as how-to videos, webinars, workshops, samples, and free products. We know, for sure, the market changes, technology changes, so why shouldn’t your membership benefits change and evolve to not only save you time and money but also solve your current and evolving pain points and ultimately meet your needs!

First and foremost, Members, if you don’t know about AZREIA’s relationship through National REIA with the Home Depot, now is your chance. National REIA and Alan Langston, AZREIA Executive Director, built a relationship with The Home Depot which began with an automatic 2% rebate on your spend of 5k and above every 6 months.  It then grew to include all REIA members being escalated to the Gold Level through HD’s Behr Paint Program saving 20% off at the register.  Then we added a discounted appliance catalog and a cabinet program. The features in your Home Depot Pro account include an online app platform to keep track of your projects, purchases, and accurate billing.  While this program continues to evolve the most critical thing we must stress here is to stay on top of managing your payment tenders registered in the program. The most significant feedback we get is when the bi-annual rebate (which you should see the first half of 2019’s in the mail early to mid-August) doesn’t meet your expectations only to find out that you got a new credit/debit card for that 50K rehab but forgot to register. We cannot stress this enough because this benefit alone will make your membership, well… FREE! July 1 is the start of the 2nd half of the year rebate program so please check your accounts.  For help or questions with this, email

Our friends at RentPerfect are introducing their customized “MiMo” or Move in-Moveout process, which now allows you to streamline the move in and out inspections to avoid the inevitable finger-pointing over the condition of the property. Ultimately, to ensure your interaction with your tenants during these transitional times is seamless, this app allows the tenant to fully document the move in process with photos that stay on record during the term of the occupancy. This allows the landlord to quickly and effortlessly compare current conditions to those documented by the tenant at the time of move in. Broken and damaged items can be deducted from the deposit hassle free. “MiMo” is in addition to the other suite of landlord and property management tools RentPerfect has built, including tenant investigative background and criminal reports, lease agreements, and payment collection.

And the folks over at Arcana insurance, who focus on the independent rental and investment property investors, are rolling out two new products adding to their growing list of insurance products to protect you, your business and your investments. An increasing trend in the rental industry is the relationship we have with our pets and/or having to accommodate assistance animals. Arcana is rolling out two new products to help manage renters with pets and making those accommodations. The first is, who enables you to hold non-pet owners accountable, screen household pets for risk, and help validate reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals (Service/ESA/Companion/etc.).  PetScreening creates three types of comprehensive digital profiles that encompass everyone regardless of their pet or animal ownership status. Also, Arcana will be adding a “Dog Bite Liability” product to the list of coverage they provide.

We realize that your business and needs continue to evolve with the market conditions, laws, regulations. So why shouldn’t your AZREIA membership continue to grow and bring value as well? That’s why we’re here to help and support you every step of the way. For more information on these and the rest of the suite of discounts, rebates, and services, please email us at or call 480-990-7092 to find out how to get the most ROI of your membership investment to the AZREIA community.

By Troy Miller, Associate Executive Director AZREIA