2018 is here! Do you have your marketing plan together? Here are a few tips to think about as we head into the New Year. Having a marketing plan in place is key to any successful business. You are running a business so let’s stay focused on that!

You: The Brand
What are you doing to stand out in a market that is flooded with real estate agents and investors? You are all competing for leads, clients and commissions. Being successful in the business is all about finding customers. You need to have a system in place to generate and nurture leads. Establish your identity,
message and lay the foundation for your brand. As your brand grows, so will your sphere and business.

Message: Unique Selling Proposition
When you think about what makes you unique, think outside of the real estate space. People do business with you for three reasons: they know you, like you and trust you. What have previous clients had to say about you? What will set you apart? Be different. Be remarkable.

Experience: What worked? What didn’t?
Looking back at successes and failures is important in your marketing plan. What worked? Look for trends. Are clients coming from the same sources? Are there patterns? Those are things you should continue to do! What didn’t work? Make a list of activities that you received little or no ROI in the past year. Avoid doing those things!

Budget: You have to spend money to make money
Planning your budget ahead of time will keep you from overspending and it will allow you to get the most out of your money. Things to think about… How much start-up cash do you have available for marketing? Will you allocate a percentage from each commission toward marketing? Contact me today for a complimentary marketing budget spreadsheet!

Strategy: Referral Marketing & Universal Marketing
Referral marketing is business directed to you from someone you know. Universal Marketing is business that is directed to you from marketing efforts that reach the general public. In previous articles we have talked about networking. I see deals change hands all the time because of networking. How else do people know what you are looking for if you are not out talking about your needs? Don’t re-create the wheel! Build solid alliances with your sphere. Chicago Title has a toolbox of products available to you when it comes to marketing to the general public. Just reach out to us to discuss!

Make it Happen
Follow your plan, continue to evaluate the success of each activity, and make adjustments as necessary. Set goals and blow them out of the water in 2018! As the largest title company in the nation and a Fortune 300 company, Chicago Title is committed to protecting you and providing resources to do just that. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have!

By Jill Bright AVP/Sr. Acc’t. Manager Sales and Marketing
Chicago Title Agency