by Troy Miller

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

…I want you to think about that as we head into April’s Monthly Meeting here at AZREIA.

Because? Last week at the Phoenix Real Estate Club, Alan Langston said that April’s meeting is going to be one of the “TOP 5” meetings ever held at AZREIA in its 16 years of existence. And here is why.

About 10 years ago, I was introduced to Jeff Watson, a real estate attorney from Cleveland that specialized in investing with retirement accounts and wealth of knowledge on wholesaling. Jeff and I were working on an event. And while working on that event, Jeff introduced me to the term, “Financial Friends.” I brushed it off as clever marketing and didn’t think anything else of it, and while working on that event with Jeff introduced me to two people, Quincy Long and Dorsie Boddiford Kuni.

For those you who don’t know Jeff, he is a stellar and creative investor, and he’s the type of person you keep around because he doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what you NEED to hear. He increased my “social equity” immediately, but he suddenly became a multiplier through the introduction of Quincy and Dorsie. Quincy is widely known for his enthusiasm, attention to detail and knowledge of the Self-Directed retirement industry, he is one of the most sought-after subject matter experts. And Dorsie, aside from being Dyches Boddiford’s daughter, she has grown up being so close to the source of wealth build and investing, she has become sought after subject matter expert on wrap lending.

And through Dorsie, I met April’s Monthly Meeting speaker, Bill Cook. Bill…well, I can’t say anything other than that he is the real deal. He practices frequently what he preaches, and I take every moment to soak up every word he says. As a matter of fact, Bill said in regards to April’s Meeting, “I don’t need an introduction when I take the stage in April, they don’t need me they just need the information I am sharing.” Now you might think that is his ego talking, but to be honest, Bill feels that his experience and knowledge is all you need to see that he is a superstar in terms of creative deal making. It will take you only minutes just to experience that yourself.

So, back to that term financial friends! Just to paint the trajectory, through Jeff, meeting Dorsie, and connecting with Bill, I have become SO rich with friends, but these aren’t like high school or college friends these different and more valuable. Financial friends are most like you in that wealth building, preservation, and generational wealth are a priority. These are people serve as an extra set of eyes, provide you a step up when you’ve hit that hurdle or plateau, that ultimately become your next partner, joint venture, or lending source. And truthfully, we can never have too many “Financial Friends.”

At April’s Monthly Meeting, invest some time by coming to hear Bill Speak to help understand the value of Financial Friends, and by observing you begin to build your criteria and start attracting more and more financial friend to accelerate your success! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Bill and all of our guests during April’s meeting and weekend events!

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Monday, April 8th | Phoenix Monthly Meeting Event: (Click here for Full Details)

Phoenix Agenda

5:15 Workshop: Partnerships & Joint Ventures: The Foundation of Creative Deal Making with Jillian Sidoti

6:00 Trade Show,  Networking & Guest Orientation

6:45 Main Meeting – Market Update and “How to Make Impossible Deals Possible & Profitable” with Bill Cook  

Tuesday, April 9th | Tucson Monthly Meeting Event: (Click here for Full Details)

Tucson Agenda

5:15 Open Networking

5:45 Networking:  Investor-to-Investor; “I Have…    I Want…..”; Tucson Market Discussion

7:15 Main Meeting: “How to Make Impossible Deals Possible & Profitable” with Bill Cook