Atlas is thrilled to be a new business associate at AZREIA. Going forward, you should expect our articles to be informative topics regarding the market trends that provide value to you as a real estate investor.

But, for one of our first articles, we want to introduce our brokerage service and explain how we differ from others in our space. We know you have many options when choosing an agent, but we believe that it is what makes us different, that truly provides the most value.

When the brokerage division of our company was formed, our team took a deep look at the industry and quickly realized that the traditional brokerage model was broken. Agents are often viewed as un-trustworthy and transaction oriented. In most cases it’s sales, at it’s worst. Instead of continuing with a broken model, we developed our own. In place of independent contractors, Atlas agents are full-time salaried employees, provided training, coaching and leads. Here’s why that’s good for you.

Our values are aligned.

At Atlas, agent compensation does not fluctuate based on the deal size. As buyer’s agents, there is no incentive for us to suggest you purchase a home or investment at a higher price than a comparable property. Whether the property is $300k or $600k our compensation remains the same. This means our only focus is to help you find a deal that meets your goals.

As seller’s agents we have a variety of options for you no matter the condition of your home. Our network of buyers includes, buy and hold investors, house flippers, institutional investors, and traditional retail buyers. We also offer lower listing rates especially for AZREIA members.

We have a deep understanding of the market.

The average realtor in the US transacts 12 deals per year. The average Atlas agent transacts 96. We are experts in the market, because we have witnessed every scenario. That earned expertise, means that we can provide expert counsel, have an enhanced understanding of how to negotiate the best deal possible, and know how to add better protections to your contract.

We are investors.

Our investment specialists invest personally in the markets they sell in. We always say that the most important question you can ask a prospective agent is, “How many houses do you own personally in this market?” If they are willing to invest your money, but not their own that is a huge red flag.

While everyone’s goals are different, we can comfortably say, we won’t sell you a deal that we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

We work full-time.

Because Atlas agents are full time employees, you can be sure that we are working on your deal around the clock, not part-time. And because we’re on a salary, you can be sure our own personal motives never interfere or put you in a bad situation. You have the benefit of an entire team of experts that have your best interest in mind.

Our team believes in this model, precisely because it is ‘good for you, good for me, good for everyone’. It’s good for Atlas employees, it provides a heightened expertise and a better experience to our clients. And it’s good for everything, because it also helps provide safe, affordable housing options to renters.

If you have a question about Atlas brokerage services or need help finding your next deal, let’s talk. Email me at

by Michael Bennet