Awaken the Financial Force Within You in 2016

By J.P. Dahdah, CEO of Vantage


Yes, I did it.  I too am using a Star Wars reference to share my message with you this month.  Kind of hard not to since everywhere I turned this past Holiday Season there was merchandising , commercials, conversations and branding about Star Wars. Whether or not you saw the latest movie or are even a fan of the Star Wars franchise, it has a powerful message… conquer yourself and The Force will be with you.


The majority of battles we fight throughout our lives are with ourselves, our inner voice.  We fight fear, temptation, resistance, desires, etc.  The outcomes of those internal conversations create your life, including your financial one.  Why? Because your financial life is a result of the choices you make…if you don’t like where you are today financially, it is time to start making better choices.  Making better choices isn’t about improving your level of motivation, discipline or will power.  It’s about habits.


If you have a habit of allowing fear to control your choices, your outcomes won’t improve.  If you have a habit of making excuses for things you haven’t accomplished, your situation will never get better.  If you have a habit of saving, you will win.  If you have a habit of spending more than what you make, you will lose.


I have found that the majority of Self-Directed IRA investors have sound financial habits.  They save money, do their homework and take control of the financial life.  They truly own it.  This isn’t a result of a New Year’s resolution or some brief moment of motivation.  It is a result of a habit formed over a long period of time which enables them to make better choices with their money.  It isn’t a daily battle.  They just do it without much thought or effort, just like brushing their teeth.  I know I am not sharing information that you don’t already know.  It is simply a friendly reminder that there is a BIG difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know.


As you embark on yet another year in your financial life, focus on creating a habit of doing what you already know will help you reach your financial goals.  Research has proven that it takes 66 days to form a habit or eliminate one.  So I challenge you to awaken the financial force within you and put a simple plan together using no more than three strategies to form one sound financial habit for yourself this year.  Better yet, ask someone you trust and respect to help hold you accountable.  Perhaps it’s another AZREIA member that you have built a friendship or investing partnership with.  Having a real estate investing accountability partner could be the extra support you need to keep you focused on your wealth building plan!


What side will you choose in 2016? Will you allow the Dark Side to control your financial future or will you let go of your negative voices and make wiser choices?  Your financial freedom is dependent on your answer.  Choose wisely.  As Master Yoda would say “Do or Do Not.  There is No Try.”


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