AZREIA Recognized Multiple Times!

Recognition is a good thing when it is done correctly. That is why we place a high value on any award we receive from National REIA. During the recent Annual National REIA Conference held in Salt Lake City, AZREIA earned the Pinnacle Award for Innovation. This is the highest award available and it is only awarded to one organization. What makes this special is two things:

  1. The selection is made by an independent committee made up of non-industry members. In this case the members of the Selection Committee were from other professional associations, not REIAs.
  2. National REIA replaced their “Best of” awards this year with awards for innovation. So, it is no longer good enough to rest on your laurels. You must show specific and continuous innovation to be recognized.

Every year AZREIA sets objectives in each area it wants to focus on or improve. We are never at a loss for things to work on. I am blessed with a staff that truly embraces the challenge each year.

This past year was particularly challenging. The entire staff including me was put through an exhausting program to totally rethink and/or redesign our programs. It was one of the most difficult tasks I can ever remember doing. It took months to go through each module, but the outcome was well worth it.

Many of the items accomplished were behind the scenes and many are yet to be implemented. However, there are a few you’ve probably noticed like the new Launch Pad Program and new membership distinctions. Leanne, Lisa, Dave, Micah and Maureen all contributed highly to the outcomes, knowing all along they would be the ones implement changes. Looking back, this exceptional work, not only has AZREIA operating very differently now, we are also well positioned for the future, as we continue to implement the new ideas. I am confident the process will continue to uncover even more new and exciting ways to innovate and provide our members the service and support they need to see continued success as real estate investors.

If you’ve been a member of AZREIA for a while, you know that we have been recognized eight times by National REIA with the AWARD of Excellence as the Best REIA in the Country.  Last year, we received special recognition with the Estate Award. Naturally, we are very proud of these accomplishments and look forward to competing every year for the Innovation Awards.

I’ve always said I believe there are things that make AZREIA different from other REIAs. Things I strongly believe contribute to our success:

  1. We treat you as a member, not a customer. This makes us unique in many ways. We choose to be candid with you. This means we will tell you what you need to hear, regardless of whether you want to hear it or not. You may not even believe what we tell you, but we feel strongly that you need to hear it and understand it to be successful. We want to help you be successful. As a member you have responsibilities, too, for your own success. Most of the time “customers” don’t believe they have any responsibilities. If you were our customer, we would want to make you happy, so you would buy something. Well, we have nothing to sell you. See #7 below.
  2. We measure our success by the success of our members. Success isn’t the number of members we have or how many show up for meetings. It’s how many members are actively doing deals, reaching their goals and living the lifestyle they desire.
  3. We focus on the legal, ethical and moral ways of successful real estate investing.
  4. We provide tools, like the Market Update and Market News, that actually help our members succeed.
  5. We have valuable relationships with the business community that are an integral part of members’ success. Business Associates can’t just pay dues and join AZREIA. They have to make a commitment to us on how they are going to support our members.
  6. We treat all members the same. Since neither the staff nor I partner on investing transactions with anyone, all members know every member is equal and supported to their own unique needs.
  7. We have nothing to sell you. Yes, members pay dues. Yes, we offer education classes. Offer is the operative word. We always offer you education and ask you to be sure it fits in with your plan and that it will help you achieve your goals.
  8. I have nothing to sell you. My personal motivation is to see real estate investing help as many people as possible reach their life goals. I, Alan Langston, have never stood on stage or sent members an email asking them to buy products or services directly from me. I don’t mentor investors or advertise/market for customers for another business. Why? Because AZREIA is run as a pure trade association. No different than any other association representing its industry. It would be inappropriate, at best, for me to use AZREIA as a source of customers for another enterprise. Also, see #5 above.
  9. We have a full-time staff of dedicated people that truly care about our members and their success. I’m sure we have the largest staff in the industry and that is by design. We believe we should be available to help our members.
  10. We meet in locations that are conducive to achieving the results we want. Every location we meet is professional and has the facilities and amenities needed to make the meeting a success. The Celebrity Theatre, 24th Street Conference Center, Tucson Association of Realtors and the Yavapai Title in Prescott, are all exceptional locations that support the image ‘we are here for business’.
  11. We offer only high quality education from both local and national educators. Fortunately, our size as the largest REIA and our reputation as having serious investors as members allow us to only bring you the best.

Are there more reasons? Sure, but I believe the reasons above really set us apart. Plus, we are always trying new things and will always experiment to find ways to get better.

Thank you for your support of AZREIA. We strive every single day to earn and keep your trust. We want to be necessary to every real estate investor who invests in Arizona and will not rest until we are.


Smarter investing,

Alan Langston

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