As another year draws to a close it is always a good time to reflect. The real estate investing market in Arizona has been on of the best on record. Many of our members acquired investment properties at historically low prices and made exceptionally good returns. Profits were made in wholesaling, rentals and rehabs. If you were fortunate enough to prosper this year, I ask that you support your industry and association by giving back.

AZREIA’s Community Program is designed to involve the association, its members and the broader real estate investing community in worthwhile community programs or projects that delivers a valuable service to the community, creates a “sense of community” within the AZREIA, provides value to our members that participate and promotes AZREIA’s positive vision and mission. Habitat for Humanity and AZREIA’s Government Affairs Program are worthy of your support.

Habitat for Humanity

2012 should be an excellent year for AZREIA and Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona. This year we should complete our third Habitat home. We are now focused on rehabbing home for Habitat. Rehabbing properties fit much better into our vision. This means our dollars will go much farther and we will be able to participate on more homes and help more families.

AZREIA’s Tucson Chapter is smaller and our efforts with Habitat for Humanity Tucson are focused around volunteering on home builds and volunteer efforts in the HabiStore.

As the end of the year approaches there is one thing almost every member of AZREIA can do to participate – take full advantage of the State of Arizona Tax Credit Program. This program literally cost you nothing, lets you tell the State where to put your tax dollars and makes you feel real good. You should always review your own personal situation with your tax professional, but here is how it works:

  • A single tax payer can contribute up to $200 and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. That means you give $200 dollars and get $200 back from the State through the tax credit. It cost you nothing.
  • Couples filing jointly may contribute up to $400 and receive the tax credit. It cost you nothing.
  • You may give more and any amount donated over the $200 – $400 qualifies for charitable donation tax deduction. Donations over the $200- $400 may also be rolled forward up to five years to take advantage of the tax credit!
  • This tax credit is in addition to the tax credit you hear about through your local school.

It is easy to give.

By check – Just send a check payable to Habit for Humanity to:

Phoenix: Habitat for Humanity, P.O. Box 20186, Phoenix, Arizona 85036. Be sure to write AZREIA on the check memo line. You may reach Habitat at 602.268.9022.

Tucson: Habitat for Humanity, 621 W. Lester Street, Tucson, Arizona 85705. Be sure to write AZREIA on the memo line. Phone 520.326.1217.

By Credit Card:

Phoenix: On the web go to:, complete the form and write AZREIA in the “Specific House” donation block or call the office at 602.268.9022

Tucson: On the web go to: , complete the form and write AZREIA in “In Honor of” line or call the office at 520.326.1217.

AZREIA Government Affairs Program

Over the last several years we have had a dynamic Government Affairs Program highlighted by our successful lobbying efforts. Our track record issues affecting real estate investing and investors is phenomenal. I can’t think of one issue where we weren’t successful. This is the result of being able to use a highly quality, well respected lobbyist and firm, Capital Consulting. If you attend our annual meeting when we review our lobbying efforts, you are well versed on the quality of our representation.

Just this past year we were successful in several critical areas:


HB2001 – Arizona commerce authority; business incentives (Second Special Session)

HB2153 – Municipalities; counties; fire sprinklers; code

HB2193 – Municipal water charges; responsibility

HB2245 – Homeowners’ associations; open meetings; recordings

HB2609 – Homeowners’ associations; signs; political; leasing

HB2717 – Homeowners’ associations; penalties; attorney fees

SB1105 – Real estate transfer affidavit; transmission

SB1148 – Homeowners’ associations; disputes; administrative hearings

SB1149 – Planned communities; condominiums; document fees

SB1160 – City sales tax; residential rental

SB1292 – Real estate; education; broker requirements

SB1306 – Landlord tenant; pest control

SB1474 – Landlord; tenant; fit and habitable

SB1540 – Political flyers; petitions; homeowners’ associations


HB2166 – Low income housing; property tax


HB2079 – Department of housing; continuation

HB2140 – Landlords; homeowner’s association; firearms regulation

HB2225 – Housing incentive program

HB2254 – Affordable housing projects; tax assessment

HB2430 – Foreclosures; right to rent

HB2545 – Homeowners’ associations; rental restrictions

HB2558 – Landlord tenant; utilities; security deposit

HB2558 – Rental property; restrictions prohibited

HB2661 – Landlord tenant; deposits; new owner

SB1198 – Department of housing; rules; exemption

SB1222 – Public benefits; eligibility; required proof

SB1320 – Residential tax assessment

SB1575 – Investigators; drug lab remediation

As you can se there is a lot of work that goes into a successful program. While you don’t have to participate directly, isn’t it good to know your association is involved and effective. Without a vibrant Government Affairs Program there is no question that the real estate investing environment will change over time in a way that adds additional regulation, cost and in some cases, removes current investment strategies and techniques.

I ask your support to continue to provide an aggressive and effective program. Please check with your accountant, but normally donations to government affairs program are not tax deducible. To donate, please go to the AZRERIA website and click on the link from our Home Page to donate or you may mail a check to our office at:

1841 N. 24th Street
Suite 10
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Thank you for your support of Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona and AZREIA’s Government Affairs Program. I wish you the best of the holiday season and a happy and prosperous 2012.