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In May, we continue our focus on how you can effectively participate in our exceptional real estate market by offer solutions people need. Recently, we have looked hard at seller financing and raising private money. This month we look at another creative way to solve issues while maximizing your investments – lease options. Yes, lease options, but this time with a twist – “cooperative lease options”.  Also, AZREIA is moving into the 21 century with its web presence. Our workshop will take a look at the new functionality available on our site and how you can get the most out of it.

Phoenix & Tucson Main Meeting: “Cooperative” Lease Options –  Discover How To Boost Your Real Estate Profits with Wendy Patton

Wendy is the nation’s foremost expert on how to uncover real estate profits where other investors see only problems, shake their heads, and walk away! For instance, Wendy will show you how to take a deal that looks mediocre, and get FOUR different profit streams into your pocket…with little or no money down on your part! How could Wendy have perfected a technique that others don’t even know about? Wendy’s done more than 653 deals…she’s not only an investor, but a real estate broker, and a licensed contractor. Plus, she knows the nation’s markets inside-out!

Here’s some of what Wendy will reveal:

  • She’ll hand you a technique that works like gangbusters even in all markets,  even where appreciation is sometimes flat or declining. She’ll show you how to profit from properties that both Realtors and investors avoid.
  • How to get Realtors to put you on their “speed dial” list as a favorite person to send deals to.
  • When Realtors and other investors throw up their hands at obstacles in a deal, you’ll be clapping your hands at the money you know you can make on that deal.
  • Five reasons why homebuyers will gladly pay more than the retail value of a home…If you know Wendy’s secrets.
  • Why your ethics and reputation are everything in this business, and how Wendy’s techniques are truly a “win-win” for you and your customers.

Wendy Patton is widely recognized as one of the most inspiring speakers on “Little or No Money Down” real estate investing.  Her real estate savvy, great depth of experience and viable knowledge has helped her in orchestrating the most complete and easy to follow Lease program in the country.

After graduating from the University of Colorado, Wendy went to work for EDS, (Electronic Data Systems).  Soon after, she had an enlightening experience in real estate (lease/option) and walked away from her corporate job to focus her efforts on real estate investing full-time. Wendy is a licensed Real Estate Broker in 3 states and licensed builder in Michigan. Wendy has extensive experience in lease options, subject to’s, land development, property management, rehabs, foreclosures, new construction and pre-construction with lease options being her favorites. With over 24 successful years in general real estate and hundreds of transactions using Lease Options, she is the country’s leading expert on lease options and working with Realtors to acquire lease option deals.  Wendy loves to teach others and assist them to achieve the same level of success that she has personally experienced.

Wendy Patton is a published author and well known public speaker. Her first book is titled Investing in Real Estate with Lease Options and Subject To Deals and has received rave reviews on and other real estate investor websites.  Her second book was immediately a #1 Best Seller on How to Make Hard Cash in a Soft Real Estate Market , has since been consistently in the top 10 on for Real Estate books. She also recently appeared on HGTV’s, My House Is Worth What? Her newest books, Rent To Sell and Rent To Buy have just hit the bookshelves.

5:15 Workshop: New AZREIA Website

It’s been six years since we’ve updated our website and we didn’t go half way. There is plenty of functionality for our members designed to give you a much better experience. During this session, Alan Langston will take you though an in-depth look at what is new and how to use the site.

Phoenix Agenda
5:15 Workshop
6:00 Trade Show, Property Presentations, Networking & Guest Orientation
6:45 Main Meeting – Market Update and Featured Speaker
9:00 Adjour 

Tucson Agenda:
5:30 Open Networking
6:00 Networking: Investor-to-Investor, I Have – I Want, Tucson Market Update
7:15 Main Meeting
9:00 Adjourn 

Prescott Meeting – Legal Issues with Renting Real Estate in Tough Times, by WilliamJ. O’Leary. 
Mr. O’Leary will provide an overview of the eviction process; getting your money; tenant bankruptcy issues; tenant’s rights in foreclosures, and other issues, including key clauses that need to be in your residential lease. Bring your questions to this valuable session. Mr. O’Leary is an attorney, real estate agent, and an investor, and brings a pragmatic view on building a successful investment portfolio.

Prescott Agenda:
5:30 Market Overview
6:00 Main Meeting
7:15 Adjourn