There have been a few iterations of AZREIA over the years. Each time, the changes were in response to the market and how to best serve our members and others interested in the advantages of real estate investing.

Over the last couple of months to say things have changed would be a huge understatement. It’s not just that things have changed though. Things are always changing. It is how we adapt to change that matters. Most importantly, it is recognizing the opportunities associated with the changing times. This is true not only for AZREIA, but also for your business as a real estate investor.

At AZREIA, we feel everything is changing in the real estate investing world. There will be tremendous opportunity coming into the “new normal”. As investors, we believe you will see unprecedented opportunity in creative financing, notes, wholesaling, land and in income property as well. Depending on government action, you may see another wave of foreclosures and short sales. Be ready. Be adaptable. Be informed. Be educated.

AZREIA is changing to be ready to support you in any way you need to be supported. We are adapting our membership plans to recognize your needs. We are changing the way some meetings will be delivered. We are enhancing the content of meetings. We are doing this to be able to bring to you what you need and support you in a way you want to be supported.

On June 1, 2020, we are changing our membership to a “Build Your Own” type of plan. We believe this new membership will allow you to structure your membership activities to fit your exact needs, while lowering the cost of membership for the vast majority of AZREIA members. Here’s how it works:

AZREIA Member: Annual dues of only $60 (Promotional Price) gives you access to all AZREIA benefits (including National REIA benefits) and significantly reduced pricing for all AZREIA meetings, events, education, etc. After joining or renewing your AZREIA membership for $60, just attend what you’d like or need to achieve your goals. The price structure looks like this:

  • AZREIA Meetings: $10
  • Phoenix Real Estate Club Meeting: $10
  • Subgroup Meetings: $5
  • Education Classes or Other Events: Posted Member Pricing
  • We will continue with Member discounts for early registration and “at meeting” specials.

Guests: If you like to attend any AZREIA function you are welcome as a guest including subgroup meetings. There is a flat $20 Guest Fee for all meetings and subgroups. Guest pricing for education classes or other events will be determined separately. The “break even point” where joining is more cost effective is about one month’s worth of meetings. So, if you are going to attend more than an AZREIA meeting, Phoenix Real Estate Club meeting, and a couple of subgroups, you will save by joining.

AZREIA PLUS Members: You are welcome to stay on your current plan. We encourage you to check out the new AZREIA membership as it will most likely provide you a savings. As we go forward and continue to come out of more physical restrictions, look for continued live and virtual meetings, an enhanced Phoenix Real Estate Club experience and a focus on providing you a customizable experience in your membership.

Smarter investing,
Alan Langston

To take advantage of AZREIA’s current promotional prices, please visit: AZREIA Membership