As you heard time and time again in 2020, a pandemic could not hold down the real estate market in Arizona. The market data we have seen in the past year shows a very positive outlook for investors in 2021, especially those who like to structure deals creatively. Finding deals, communicating online, and diving in head-first to the world of internet-based everything was a jump-start to getting just about every investor doing deals more creatively than originally imagined or practiced. Now all that is left is to continue to find unique ways of doing deals and
keeping those creative juices flowing!

Because of the boom in Arizona’s real estate market, more people are looking to get started with investing as quickly as they can! To help new investors kick off the year, we have created our New Investor Member Fast Start Promotion that will last the entire month of January. This promotion includes a $60 AZREIA Membership, the Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment, the Life Experience Assessment, Launch Pad Planning Session, and ALL FIVE Core Skills Classes for only $199. That’s over $150 in total savings for more than 15 hours of education and a year’s membership!

Once new investors have their AZREIA membership and complete all the education included, they will be equipped with an actionable business plan that includes goals they can start working on immediately, a networking plan that will help them build their team of local investors and businesses, a Home Depot Pro Gold account that will give them exclusive discounts, and a sturdy knowledge of marketing, negotiating, raising private money, comping & estimating repairs, and creatively structuring deals. Did we mention creative deal structuring would be important in 2021?

We are excited to start this new year with a lot of valuable information and events for new and existing investors alike. We are looking forward to getting back to live meetings, networking, and subgroups. Our January Monthly Meeting is going to be held virtually via Zoom, but we are working on getting our groups back together in-person as safely and as soon, as possible. If you ever want to know if a meeting is being held online or in-person, visit the calendar page on our website. We keep this page as up to date as possible with this information.

Cheers to the new year!


by Alan Langston