As you may have noticed, we have been increasing our engagement with Mike Del Prete and Marcus Maloney. If you’re wondering why, it is because our market is changing. Investing tools, data, deal making, transactions, much of it is becoming more dynamic and adapting to our new way of life. At AZREIA we strive to remain on the cutting edge for our members to keep everyone up to date with the latest technologies, ideas, and strategies in order to support our members and the advancement of their real estate investing businesses.

You may have noticed the new things we have already put in place over the past few months. We have new education, our podcast, increased engagement on social media, and lots of other things in the works. All of these new things would not have been possible without the help of Mike and Marcus. These gentlemen are taking their time to come up with new ideas on how we want and can go forward to engage the entire real estate investing community. This includes how we communicate across all channels in order to reach real estate investors with all of the important news, information, legislation, or benefits AZREIA has to offer regardless of experience or strategy of the investor.

I joke around when I say I have sold my last investment property, therefore I am no longer qualified to teach real estate investors. However, even after my decades of experience with real estate investing, I still do not have some of the savvy these men have when it comes to the latest and greatest of real estate investing. That is why we have partnered together, and they will be having more active roles within AZREIA. You may have seen them at our meetings, teaching our core skills classes, instructing the Wholesaling class, leading the Beginning Investors Subgroup, hanging around the back of a meeting room taking pictures, or even seen their faces plastered on our social media pages. It is likely you will see them at more stuff than you’ve seen me! Nonetheless, they are working hard to take AZREIA to the next level and make your membership more valuable than it already is.

Mike Del Prete has been leading our Beginning Investors Subgroup for several years now, so you might recognize him pretty easily. A full-time real estate investor and an all-around problem solver, Mike is known for providing top-of-the-line advice and strategies to help both new and experienced investors achieve tangible results that create cash flow. Prior to real estate investing, Mike held leadership positions in the Mortgage and Wireless industries. He is currently a wholesaler, landlord, consultant, AirBnb Superhost, and holds his own rental portfolio. He has completed over 400 real estate transactions in the last seven years, is a member of AZREIA as well as the AMA (AZ Multi-Housing Association), has authored several eBooks and has been a guest on several national podcasts discussing a variety of topics about real estate investing.

Marcus Maloney might be a newer face to many of you, but he is by no means new to the real estate investing game. Marcus has been named the “Equity King” for his impressive ability to find real estate opportunities with massive amounts of equity. He has completed over 3.3 million in wholesale transactions. Currently, Marcus is a licensed agent and an active member of AZREIA, the National Association of Realtors(NAR) and Phoenix Association of Realtors(PAR). While being active in these associations he still wholesales virtually in multiple states while building his investment portfolio. Marcus has been featured in numerous podcasts and is currently a featured blogger for BiggerPockets, the largest community of real estate investors in the world. Along with completing transactions and working to build his portfolio, he provides mentorship to aspiring investors.

Both of these men have agreed to dedicate themselves to making the AZREIA experience better for every investor. Like I said, there’s a lot in the works! We look forward to our partnership with them and the bright future of AZREIA.

Smarter Investing,
Alan Langston