New Improved AZREIA Website

It has been over six years since AZREIA has updated its website, So, it is time and we are very pleased with the new website and the functionality it brings to our members, guests and staff.

First, you will notice the new look. We stayed with our core colors, but are now emphasizing the brighter colors over the more subdued ones. We stayed with the familiar three column look for the home page, so we could continue to get a lot of information to our members and visitors on one page, but we did upgrade the functionality and ease of use. The navigation bar now has mouse-over function which lets you see the sub-menu navigation for quick movement to the page you want. Naturally, much of the content is the same that was on the previous site with some very serious differences.

The public section of the site has been fully converted to WordPress. This brings us state-of-the-art capability to drive potential members to our site. It fully incorporates a blog to help AZREIA continuously get our message out. I encourage you to participate on our blog often. The more use, the more AZREIA will be visible in the search engines.

The Member’s AREA of the site will bring you enhanced capabilities to manage your information and how you receive communications from us. We have simplified the process to download current and past versions of the Market Update and AZREIA Advantage newsletter.

Here are the highlights of the new

  • Member Control of Email Communications: You can now easily determine which AZREIA emails you want to receive. Maybe you want to receive emails about AZREIA meetings and property postings, but don’t want to receive emails about upcoming education. Not a problem. In your member info you select which emails you want and those you don’t. You can update it at any time.
  • New AZREIA Blog: We plan on posting often to the new AZREIA Blog. You are encouraged to participate and let others know how you feel about what is being discussed. I expect to post legislative issues, comments on newspaper articles, latest investment techniques, market data, etc. along with information on upcoming AZREIA events. The more we all use the blog, the more exposure for your association and that is good.
  • Member Feedback on Business Associates: We have implemented a rating system for our Business Associates and Vendors. After you use a Business Associate or Vendors service sign on to the website and complete a very short survey that will rate the vendor. Your feedback will help other members make an informed decision and also help the business improve their service. It is quick and easy. Also, we have added new search capability to make it easier to find the vendor you are looking for.
  • Meeting Presentations & Newsletters: Direct links in the Member’s Area navigation to past Market Updates and AZREIA Advantage newsletters. We have implemented Box technology to make the display and usability easy. Just click on the down arrow to view or download the file.
  • New Calendar Functions: The calendar has multiple sort capabilities to make it even easier to find the events you are looking for. It will also tell you if you have registered for an event. You can accept an RSS feed to send items directly to your calendar, too.
  • New My Events Function: The website now tracks all the events you have attended or registered for. You now have a complete history of your activities that will help you with your record keeping.
  • New My Properties & Investment Opportunities Function: If you post properties and/or Investment Opportunities to the AZREIA site you now have the ability to manage the listings and a historical record. In addition, we have made significant upgrades to the information that may be posted on a property or investment making the exposure for your property even more valuable.
  • Manage Your Profile: You can manage all the information in your profile and determine what information you want to make public to other members. By default, your name is made available to members, but none of your other data unless you update your profile to release the information. Releasing certain pieces of information will make it easier for members to find you and get in contact with you.

There are also many enhancements to our membership and event management systems contained in the website. These include:

  • Member Records: We now have hierarchal structure capability where we can attach a spouse or partner record to the primary record. This will make new membership and renewals much easier. We now have an automated system to remind you of your membership renewal or other important activities.
  • Event Registration: We now have the ability to take “add-on” types of activities when registering for an event. An example is if we are offering lunch, you will be able to include that on your registration including your exact lunch order. Also, we can send automatic reminders to you of events you have registered for.

I hope you enjoy the new look and functionality of Please let me know of any enhancements you would like.

Smart investing,

Alan Langston