You always need to keep thing fresh. I am always trying to come up with new ideas for AZREIA because I want to keep you involved and engaged. Giving you reasons to come to the meetings, visit the website, attend a class or get involved in a subgroup is another way to help you be successful. You have to be active in an association if you want to get the full value.

Starting this month I am adding two new ongoing benefits to AZREIA:

1)      Chart of the Day – Posted to the Home Page of will be a chart and analysis of a critical market indicator important to you as a real estate investor. A wide range of topic areas will be covered like sales volume, price and inventory, but I will also go into many other areas to give you a well rounded view of the market. This could include employment, consumer spending, debt, bankruptcy, or one of many other economic indicators. Drilling down into sub-markets may be another way to look at the data. Expect charts on multi-family, office, retail and industrial, too. Who knows, I may even decide to include a video to deliver the analysis. The plan is to make it available as an RRS feed so you can have it delivered directly to you each day. Now before I get carried away, you need to know there is a work effort involved to make this happen. As an example, it takes me two full days every month to put the Market Update together. So, if I miss a day or take a vacation, you will have to forgive me. Notice, the title is Chart of the Day not Chart of Every Day.

2)      News You Can Use – This will start as a formal part of the Market Update that is presented at the monthly AZREIA meetings and post to the website. Included will be important items and current events gathered from news sources from around Arizona, the United States and the world that affect real estate investing. Where appropriate an opinion piece or comment will be added. As New News in developed, it may be enhanced and delivered as a weekly or daily email in addition to being in the AZREIA Blog.

Adding new benefits for the sake of change isn’t always good. When we add something it needs to provide value. By value, I mean it needs to help you with your real estate investing by giving you knowledge, provide you an advantage in the market, saving you money to increase your profits or some other meaningful way. These two new benefits will only be successful if you want to use them and actually do use them. So, we will track the interest to determine if proving this information is important to you. You are also welcome to let me know how you feel about these or any other AZREIA benefits. Your ideas are always welcome and I can assure you all ideas are thoroughly considered.

I trust these new benefits will be helpful to you. As always, I appreciate you supporting the real estate investment community by being part of AZREIA. Please let me know what I can do for you.

Smarter Investing,

Alan Langston
Executive Director