Hot Market = Buyers Waiving Rights

Anyone trying to buy a home in the past year has faced a situation where another buyer came in with an offer that was all cash, and significantly over asking price. While the home price trajectory may have slowed a bit recently, the last year has been incredible and unprecedented. It is the epitome of [...]

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The Umbrella Policy – Chapter 2

An “Umbrella Policy” is an additional insurance policy that provides an extra layer of liability or lawsuit protection. In general, this is a policy that many people with higher incomes or higher net-worth should consider purchasing. And remember, people who own real estate income property would probably fall into one of these groups. Most ‘Personal [...]

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When to Keep Texts, Emails and Other Electronic Information

If you are in business long enough, the chances are pretty good that you’ll become involved in the occasional dispute with buyers/ sellers, competitors, employees, a former business partner, or anyone else who you happen to have interacted with. How you prepare for and handle these disputes has a great impact on the health and [...]

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