Comping Basics

Are you looking for an investment property to flip? So how do you analyze the potential of that property? You look at comparable properties, right? But are they really comparable properties? Although it’s important to build your analysis from the ground up, in a competitive real estate market you don’t really have the luxury of [...]

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A Text Contract?

We have received a lot of questions lately about a legal article written where it was alleged that a purchase contract can exist in the form of text messages between the buyer and seller.  The initial reaction from investors is, “can this be true?”  The legal answer is yes, text messages may form the basis [...]

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The Importance of a Reconveyance

A Reconveyance is an instrument used to transfer title from a trustee to the "owner" of real estate. This is most commonly used upon payment in full of the mortgage. At the time of payoff, the lender is obligated to make certain that the title to your property is cleared of the lien.  A Reconveyance [...]

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