Rental Tax & Registration

For a lot of investors that come to AZREIA before they start buying homes, they know that they need to have a good lease and basic procedures set up for handling their rentals. Therefore, the initial question we get is as follows: what’s a landlord issue that is often overlooked, and can get me in [...]

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Fix-and-Flip Maximum Purchase Price

Are you just getting started in this extremely fast pace Fix-and-Flip industry and trying to nail down that first deal? Most Fix-and-Flip properties today are purchased through wholesalers that are out pounding the pavement for deals. It is intimidating to show up to a property with 10 other investors and have 1 hour to walk [...]

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The Umbrella Policy

NOT IN-EXPENSIVE and NOT THE ‘MAGIC ANSWER’ Too many people think they know what an “Umbrella Policy” is and how it works. Unfortunately many people, including investors, property managers, and real estate agents, do not have a clear and correct understanding. What is an “Umbrella” policy? It is NOT one policy that combines several separate [...]

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Fannie/Freddie Adopt a Not So New Credit Score Model

If you work in the mortgage industry, you know what a FICO score is. Fair Isaac Corporation is a benchmark of credit score modeling used by the mortgage industry. In 2018, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act passed which required Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to solicit third-party credit scoring models that [...]

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The Desert Just Got Hotter…

Why Phoenix Is Among The Most Desirable Real Estate Investment Markets Many newcomers have flocked to Arizona to find work, and one of the factors in their decision is the state’s affordable rental units, located in the downtown metro area and across the larger valley. With its 4.2 percent economic growth rate, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PwC, has [...]

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