Legally Speaking: Background Checks on Vacation Rentals

Question: I own 15 homes, a few of which are in Old Town Scottsdale.  Given the visitor season coming up, I want to rent them as short-term vacation rentals and keep the rest of the homes on long-term leases.  I plan on having all rentals be shorter than one week.  Am I legally required to [...]

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Finding the Next Hot Market

There is much to be said for being a specialist in a certain market or area, but sometimes it’s good to find a new neighborhood to work in. We have a few tips for finding new areas, ones that successful borrowers have shared with us. While there are several things to be considered, the one [...]

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Curbing Rising Operating Expenses for Multifamily Property Owners

At Atlas Real Estate, operating expenses have increased 3 percent across our portfolio since the beginning of the pandemic. What were some of our biggest expenses? In short, costs related to showings and marketing. Mandates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shifted our operations to primarily off site over the past two [...]

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Updates on Lending

FHA Loan and How Much of the Student Loan Effects your Debt-to-Income Ratio Each type of loan views student loans in a different light. Earlier this year, FHA changed the way they view student loans which helped people in their qualifications dramatically. They now mirror how Freddie Mac views student loans. If the loan is [...]

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The Freedom of Flexible Finances

We all wish we knew what will happen in 6 months. Will taxes increase? Will the market drop? Will the housing boom bust? Will tenants renew their lease? No one knows for sure what will happen, and worrying is useless, so what is the best way to prepare for the unknowns? Quite simply—be flexible. Flexibility [...]

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Key Contracts & Contract Terms for Any Business

No matter what type of business you run, contracts are essential. If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself “they aren’t essential to my business”, or “I hardly use any contracts at all” then YOU ESPECIALLY need to read on. When used properly, contracts help to accomplish several vital objectives: Set expectations between the parties [...]

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