This Map Shows How Much You Need to Make to Afford The Average Home in Every State

This Map Shows How Much You Need to Make to Afford The Average Home in Every State Look at your own risk. HowMuch, a website aimed to help people understand money, put together an infographic that illustrates out just how much your annual salary needs to be in every state if you’re interested in buying [...]

4 Ways to Buy a Home Without a Mortgage

4 Ways to Buy a Home Without a Mortgage Would you like to become a homeowner? Looking to buy a second home as an investor?  Purchasing a home is a big decision and a considerable financial commitment, and can be tricky qualifying for a mortgage from a traditional lender if you haven’t saved enough for [...]

Are You Rich with Friends?

by Troy Miller Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. …I want you to think about that as we head into April’s Monthly Meeting here at AZREIA. Because? Last week at the Phoenix Real Estate Club, Alan Langston said that April’s meeting is [...]

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Making The Impossible Deals Possible

Making The Impossible Deals Possible, Bill Cook A realtor asked me to show her a real-world example of a deal we did that demonstrates how we make impossible deals possible. No problem, but I ask one favor: As you read this, BEFORE reading how we structured this deal, think about how YOU would have put [...]

5 Personality Traits of an Entrepreneur

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Is it being born a prodigy? Is it having a Type-A personality? Is it being an extrovert who spends all their time tinkering around on projects? While some entrepreneurs have those traits, they rarely define the characteristics that make a majority of entrepreneurs. Not everyone is [...]

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Property Taxes by State

Property taxes vary widely across states both in terms of annual taxes paid as well as effective tax rates. In 2017, the difference between average real estate taxes paid by New Jersey and Alabama home owners was nearly $8,000. New Jersey continued its perennial distinction as having the highest average real estate tax bill per [...]