Keeping Good Financial Records

While this may not be the most interesting part of your rehab project, it will have significant impacts. You may already know this, but we still run across many people that either don’t know how to keep good financial records or question its value. How to keep records It is best to keep records for [...]

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Upgrades, People. Upgrades!

As you may have already heard, AZREIA has moved its office from the 24th Street Conference Center and Offices to the Grid.Works offices on Camelback and 7th St (yes, close to the Denny’s). AZREIA has been located at the 24th Street Conference Center and Offices since 2006. However, we are always looking to find the [...]

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Maricopa County is now accepting applications for a new Federal Emergency Rental Assistance program to assist those struggling to afford their rent or utility payments just as the nation’s eviction moratorium is set to expire at the end of the month. The announcement, made through a news release Friday, provides $46.1 million to eligible residents [...]

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Atlas Agents Are Full-Time Employees (not 1099 Agents)

Atlas is thrilled to be a new business associate at AZREIA. Going forward, you should expect our articles to be informative topics regarding the market trends that provide value to you as a real estate investor. But, for one of our first articles, we want to introduce our brokerage service and explain how we differ [...]

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AZREIA Membership Benefits

The Home Depot offers customized solutions & tremendous savings for members of AZREIA through their Pro Xtra program. AZREIA members receive a 2% annual rebate, 20% off interior and exterior paints & primers, volume pricing, access to an exclusive appliance & cabinet program and much more. Rent Perfect is the solution rental property owners & [...]

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