Judgments & Liens That Affect Title

There are a number of types of Judgments and Liens that can attach to your client and/ or their property that affect title when they sell or refinance. Many of these will remain on title anywhere from 7-20 years or more and must be satisfied accordingly. They may be required by their lender to pay [...]

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Five Favorite Upgrades for Your Flip

You’ve acquired the house and you’ve decided to flip it for a profit but now the list of needed-wanted improvements is growing as your budget seems to be shrinking and you are wondering how to prioritize. These are common issues for our fix & flippers from across the country and they’ve shared with us five [...]

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Rent Growth on Renewals

Written by Cory Rasmussen Is rent growth upon renewals a strategy or has it become a pain point? Is there a way to achieve rent growth and avoid turnover at the same time? Who is in the driver’s seat? It is a common misconception that to keep the perfect renter, an owner should avoid increasing [...]

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More Money, More Problems

Nobody gets into real estate investing with the intention of losing all the money they earn in litigation, taxes, or probate. You are an investor, and you have a business to run. That’s right, a business. Therefore, you have to protect your business and yourself, as a business owner. This means you must do a [...]

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How to Become a Long-Distance Real Estate Investor

by Michael Del Prete As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of owning rental real estate. I believe it’s one of the best ways to ultimately achieve your financial goals. Purchasing properties locally may seem like the only option. However, when it comes to investing out of state, you’ll find that every [...]

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