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Dissecting a Title Commitment – Part 4

In this month’s article we will go over “Schedule B Part I” aka the “Requirements” section of the Title Commitment. For the purposes of this article we will use a Title Commitment issued by Chicago Title Agency, Inc. for reference. If you’re looking for excitement in a Title Commitment the “Requirements” section is almost always […]

December 25th, 2018|AZREIA, Did You Know..., Escrow, Financing, Investing, Legal Procedures, Title|


Over the years, we at WZP Legal, have presented at AZREIA and written numerous articles for this newsletter, about the importance of fair housing laws. Whenever we give a presentation, AZREIA members come to us with a “quick question” and ask us what is the best thing they can do, to avoid violating fair housing […]

3 Real Estate Strategies that Protect Your IRA from a Stock Market Correction

How would you have liked to have been warned about the drastic decline in the financial markets prior to The Great Recession? If alerted, would you have taken swift action to protect your retirement savings from major loss? Hindsight is always 20/20. Given the historical losses experienced by millions of Americans, everyone would have liked […]

December 18th, 2018|AZREIA, Did You Know..., Investing, IRA's, Self-Directed IRA|

Legally Speaking…

Question:  My tenant moved into my single-family home four months ago and still has not put the utilities in their name, as required by the lease.  Can I shut off the power?

Answer: In Arizona, there is never a situation where the owner can turn off the power.  Under Arizona law, you should serve a 10-day […]

Smart Map – Your Unfair Advantage!

In this month’s article I want to talk about The Equity Finders Smart Map ARV Comping System and how you can gain an unfair advantage when it comes to locating and researching profitable real estate deals.
As we’ve discussed in previous articles and training videos, most investors already know that when you’re in the business of […]

December 11th, 2018|AZREIA, Did You Know..., Investing, Strategy|

Slowing Apartment Construction Could Mean Higher Rents

Rising construction costs and a tight labor market are slowing a nearly decade long apartment boom…
….likely easing a burgeoning glut at the top end of the market that has been forming across the U.S.  Multifamily building permits have fallen each month since March, according to federal data. That type of slowdown suggests there should be […]