Where Should You Direct Your IRA in 2019?

With another year behind us, it is important to take time to review your IRA’s investments and evaluate if any adjustments should be considered to ensure that your holdings can produce your desired results. As the public markets continue to experience increased volatility and a forecast of less than favorable conditions for the year ahead, [...]

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Phoenix Housing Market Predictions 2019

Phoenix Real Estate Market at a Glance Yikes! Phoenix home prices are up 9.5% over the last year (July to July). That’s a hot market! Kind of scary hot to me. Prices are up 17.8% since two years ago and 145% since prices bottomed out in May 2011. On the other hand, Phoenix home prices [...]

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How to Stage a House for Free: 7 Ideas That Don’t Cost a Dime

Want to get your house in tiptop shape without spending a dime? One of the most common mistakes sellers make is assuming they need to sink a bunch of money into home staging. Some choose the expensive route—swapping out their furniture and art at the behest of a hired professional home stager—but that's not the only [...]

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The Importance of Evaluating Rental Comps for Investments

Are you overlooking the importance of rental comps when evaluating potential investment properties? I know that many would-be investors, especially wholesalers and fix and flippers might be thinking that taking the time to evaluate rental data is a waste of time. “After all, I’m only interested in rehabbing and flipping this house. I have no [...]

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FIRPTA and the Real Estate Investor

It is important you understand the rules of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act for Investors. FIRPTA is a tax law that requires buyers to withhold payments to sellers on US real estate unless an exception applies. The duty is on the buyer to deduct and remit a portion of the sale price [...]

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FROZEN WATER PIPES – Here in the desert? YES, RIGHT HERE!!

Think it doesn’t happen here? Think again!!! If you have never experienced frozen water pipes, perhaps you do not understand the severity of this situation. When water pipes freeze, the water expands and splits or cracks the pipe. Then, when the water under pressure, finds that crack, the water runs until someone notices and shuts [...]