The Music is in the Man

"The music is not in the instrument.  The music is in the man!" by Bill Cook In my early twenties, I thought that to be successful, I must look successful.  I bought a Mercedes Benz, a gold Rolex watch and some Brooks Brothers suits.  Dean Kates, who was my mentor back then, told me the [...]

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How Can One Deal Lead to More Deals? by Bill Cook

Most folks think real estate investing consists of finding a deal, taking it down, getting it rehabbed and sold, and then going out to find the next deal. But what if you structured the deal in such a way that one deal leads to more deals? Let’s look at two real-world examples of this.. 1.  [...]

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Random Things to Know…

... in Lending! Earnest Money: Once a buyer and seller come to an agreement and are in contract, the next step is to deliver earnest money to the title company. While this seems simple enough, there are numerous things that need to be avoided or they could cause issues down the road. Below are helpful [...]

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Legally Speaking…

Question: 60 days before my tenants’ lease expires, I always send a renewal letter telling them what their options are: they can sign a new lease, they can stay on a month-to-month lease at a higher rental rate, or they can terminate their lease. Recently, I sent out one of these letters but then started [...]

Are You Researching Investment Properties In Transition Areas?

In previous articles we have addressed time and again that the importance of knowing how evaluating potential investment properties is the key to success in this business. For example, knowing what a property will be worth once you’re finished with the rehab (ARV) is essential, along with knowing the cost of repairs, closing costs as [...]