AZREIA Association Update

If not you, then who?

2019-03-05T23:44:18-07:00May 20th, 2012|AZREIA Association Update, Investing, Strategy|

AZREIA members are doing deals, great deals, every day. Non-AZREIA members, investors that live here and investors from numerous other countries are doing deals, great deals every day. Every month thousands of deals are done. Are you getting your share? Notice I didn’t say “fair” share. There is nothing fair about real estate investing. There [...]

2012 = Urgency!

2012-01-06T17:06:02-07:00January 6th, 2012|AZREIA Association Update, Investing|

It’s the beginning of a new year and you can have a couple of different reactions. If you have been a member of AZREIA  for a while and attending the meetings, I hope your reaction will be one of urgency! Unless you just don’t agree with the analysis of the market over the last several [...]