by Marco Leone, The Equity Finders + HomeSmart

This is May of 2020 and WOW…pretty crazy times right? Here we are, right in the middle of this crazy GLOBAL pandemic called “Covid 19.” It hasn’t been easy for any of us, so I sincerely hope that you’re staying healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Boy! This pandemic really turned our lives upside-down right? Seems like it happened overnight, and I think I can safely say, it probably changed our lives forever. We were forced to learn new phrases like “social distancing.” Businesses in every industry, shut down across the country overnight. Massive layoffs & unemployment. Holy cow! Where does it end?

I know it’s hard to imagine…but the reality is…. we WILL survive this. Soon we’ll be back to our normal lives, or at least what we remember to be normal. We’ll look back, and hopefully we can all say that we’ve learned some valuable lessons as individuals… as a country… and as a planet.

Although this pandemic probably affected each one of us a little differently…the one common denominator is how it affected our TIME. Yes time. The one thing we can’t get back and the one thing we can’t get more of. Time with our friends and family. Time at work. Time spent doing the things we love to do. So, let me ask you… how are you spending your time these days? Are you making the most of it? Or are you letting it just slip away…waiting for things to get better?

How about your real estate investing business? Are you still actively pursuing deals and submitting offers? Or have you hit the pause button? You know, I hear a lot of people saying, “I think I’m gonna’ hold off for now because nobody is doing anything.” Really? Is that you? Boy I hope not. I think right now, while most of your competition is just sitting on the sidelines with a “wait and see” attitude…it’s the PERFECT time to be LASER-FOCUSED, and moving forward.

You see… although we’ve all had to adjust to what’s going on right now…there’s always an upside to every negative situation. Right now… we should all be singing that great Rolling Stones classic…“Time is on My Side.” Ha ha. I know you’re laughing…but the reality is, most of us have more time right now than we know what to do with. So how SHOULD you be spending your time?

Well…I have a few ideas…so let me share. (1) Continue to stay safe and work from home whenever possible. (2) Use your time wisely. (3) Explore new ideas. Now the last 3 on my list are my favorites. (4) Leverage technology as much as possible. (5) Research new tools, software and systems to help you grow your business and be more productive. And (6) Get a jump start! Put those new tools and systems into action right NOW, so that you’re off and running as soon as we’re out of this mess.

You see…when this pandemic is over, and the economy is chugging away again (and it will), you don’t want to be the one still “researching” and “learning.” It’ll be too late for that. Why? Because your competition will have already launched! Does that make sense?

See…here at SmartMap Systems, we’re a real estate technology company, so we fully understand the value of time. That’s exactly why we developed our powerful SmartMap technology for the savvy investor. We know that a savvy investor values their time as much as we do. A savvy investor also understands their time is much better spent MAKING OFFERS, rather than spending HOURS trying to generate accurate and reliable ARV comps or rental comps for those “so called” deals.

Simply put…our system is the fastest and easiest way to generate ARV comps or rental comps for any on or off-market residential property. Why? Because our system does ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. This saves you VALUABLE TIME! Seriously. Just enter the property address or MLS # and BAM! Instant ARV or rental comps!

Stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game! Try our ARV and rental comping system for 10 days, absolutely free. Go to to get started. I promise, you’ll love it.

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