By Jill Bright, Chicago Title

When people hear Title Company, they think that is where they go to sign the papers when buying a house. Obviously, you know there is a little more to what we do than that! In addition to all of the work that goes into clearing title on a property, there are many resources available to help you find more properties and grow your business.

Have you wondered how you can get lists of owners in a geographic area? Did you know those lists can be narrowed down by sales price, transfer value, equity, property size, owner occupied/absentee (just to name a few)? How about lists of people in default or properties scheduled for auction? Or maybe properties that are in probate or have a divorce filing? Looking for a FSBO list? How about properties likely to sell? All of these are things available to you through us!

How many times have you come across a house you would like to buy but wonder who the owner is, if it is in foreclosure or how many liens are on the property? We have a department that does property research for these types of questions!

Have you ever wondered where you could find consumer email addresses and phone numbers to hyper-target a neighborhood? These lists can be used in Facebook ad marketing campaigns and upload into dialers too!

Do you have 24/7 online access to our Premier Services website for Sales Comparables, Transaction History, Plat Maps, Neighborhood Demographics, Public and Private School Reports and much more?

Wonder what your closing costs are going to be on a transaction? We have an app that will give you those figures in less than a minute!

Those are just a few highlights of some of the most popular resources available through your Title partner! As a Title Company we are not just here to issue
clear title on a property. We are here as a resource to guide you through the process
and also help you find more deals! When it comes to the resources, reach out to us to help make your life a little easier.