by Daniel Ortega
Head of Retail Sales
Vantage Self-Directed IRAs

Summer is here and the time is right…alternative investors are dancing in the street! As knowledge of Self-Directed IRAs and the freedom it gives investors continues to spread across our country, the more important it is to find the right alternative custody provider. Traditional brokerage firms try to differentiate themselves from
one another all the time by offering lower fees, or lower account minimums. The same can be said for Self-Directed IRA custodians and administrators. We are not all created equal. As real estate investors, if you want to join the party and boogie down in the street, you must first find the right dance partner. Fees are always a major concern of a Self-Directed IRA investor but never has it been more evident that you get what you pay for. Therefore, an investor should be cognizant of the services their custodian offers, and how those services are designed to support them and balance that against the fees they are being charged. Nothing is worse than your favorite song coming on only to find out that your partner has two left feet.

Education is imperative when you are entering into anything foreign, so you should be sure that the Self-Directed IRA company understands the investment strategy and steps that you are trying to accomplish. In turn, your chosen provider should be able to educate you adequately on how to avoid roadblocks and stay clear of prohibited transactions which could be very costly and result in taxable penalties. However, how is that education provided? Is the information being provided over the phone, email, podcast, pamphlet, chat bot or through educational workshops that provide learning opportunities within the private investment marketplace?

Adaptability is another key component of a good partner. If your partner’s dancing range went from salsa to the electric slide, you would probably feel comfortable that they can handle anything. Having a Self-Directed IRA administrator that can hold a wide range of alternative assets such as real estate, private companies, private lending, and cryptocurrency is something that investors should be looking for as they survey the dance floor.

Vantage is not only the perfect dance partner but is a leader in Self-Directed IRAs. We have designed service offerings that support alternative investors in dancing to any type of music. Vantage specializes in the custody of alternative assets and believes in the philosophy of investing by design, not by default. Our real estate market is booming right now, so it is even more important to maximize all of the funding sources you have available, which includes your tax-favored retirement savings accounts. If you do not like the music, change the station. You do not like the investment options available in the stock market, change the investment options. We want to see you dance to your tune and if you are one of the lucky ones that already has a great partner then dance on. If you are interested in learning about dancing to the beat of your own drum, we encourage you to visit www.VantageIRAs. com/AZREIA to see if Vantage may have this dance.