I rarely write in this article about our upcoming meeting since I believe the information you need to know to determine whether you should attend or not is fully contained in the Monthly Meeting article. This month is different.

We are circling back to land. Not just any land deal. Land deals you can acquire very inexpensively and resell quickly, plus how you can cash flow the land through seller financing. AZREIA member and educator, Jack Bosch is our presenter. Why is it different? Our market is different. Here is why investing the way Jack is talking about makes sense for most investors.

  • Supply continues to be very constrained. So, it is harder for you to find deals, especially flips. Land is different.
  • Demand continues to wane. So, it is harder for you to move your flips. Land is different.
  • Doing quick turns on land is a great way to acquire your down payments to increase your rental portfolio. Our market continues to absorb additional rental property.
  • Your cash on cash return with land can be huge.
  • Applying seller financing techniques to land correctly can yield infinite profits.
  • Quick turns on land is a great way to supplement your “payoff” strategy on your rentals. Working towards being debt free is advance thinking and this is a good way forward.
  • Quick turns on land can help you pay off other debt.

Another very important item to consider is diversification. The ease of marketing and low time requirements means land flipping could be an exceptional secondary strategy to your primary investment strategy. Here’s why:

  • There is no maintenance to land. Houses are different.
  • There are no late-night repair calls for land. Houses are different.
  • There are no tenants to evict. Houses are different.

If you are new to investing, you should consider land as an entry point. Here’s why:

  • Cost of entry is very low. Houses are different.
  • You only need to get good at one thing – marketing. Houses are different.
  • There are many fewer hassles with land. Houses are different.
  • Education is very focused and limited. Houses are different.

So, whether you are experienced and need a secondary strategy or need extra funds for down payments or payoff requirements or you’re new and need a lower cost entry point to investing, you need to take another look at land and how land may work for you.

By Alan Langston,  Executive Director AZREIA