The longest I ever held a job was three years, most of the time I averaged about two. Granted, I was with IBM for 25 years, but every two years or so they would ask me to do something different. Changing responsibilities so often gets in your blood stream and you start looking for something new to come along often. So how come I enjoy AZREIA so much that after eight years it is still fun?

 Simple, being involved in AZREIA isn’t a job. Many of you have heard me say that being involved in real estate and managing the state association is my “second half of life” thing and it is. I find that you do things very differently when your motivations are different.

 I don’t miss the impossible quotas and the endless conference calls or the “competition” among your fellow workers for the next promotion that is so common in corporate life. That is for those earlier in their careers. I have to admit I enjoyed the corporate climb and the people I worked with all over this country and internationally. I also have to admit that I like being home and not on the road constantly and having time to develop many more lasting friendships much more.

 I do feel AZREIA is special. I think we have proven that every year for eight years. AZREIA has received national recognition as being the best REIA in the country, every year we have been eligible including this year. But, it goes way beyond that. I like to think AZREIA is a place everyone is welcome from the pro to the beginner. That there is something in AZREIA that helps everyone be more successful. That everything we do we do for the benefit of our members – everyday for eight years.

 AZREIA is the sum of what we do. Monthly meetings, AZREIA Phoenix, AZREIA Tucson, AZREIA Prescott, subgroups, education classes, simulators, lobbying, National Speaker seminars, Habitat for Humanity, Stardust Building Supplies, subgroups, the conference, AZREIA Advantage newsletter, Business Associates, discounts, library, rebates, Phoenix Real Estate Club and much more.

 More importantly, AZREIA is the sum of who we are. Our membership is the most diverse group you will find anywhere coming together under the very big tent of real estate. I have been inspired countless times on hearing many of your stories and how real estate and at times AZREIA has had an impact on your life. Every month I am encouraged when I see new faces in the audience and talk to people getting involved in real estate for the first time.

 There is one other group that makes up AZREIA and that is the staff. Maureen and her entire team truly care about providing you the service and support you need. There are a lot of you and they work hard everyday to assist you and to put on exceptional events. They make my task much easier and I have full confidence in their work ethic and judgment.

 Eight years is a long time in the REIA world. Eight years is a long time to be recognized at the best in any endeavor. We take our responsibility seriously every day and will continue to strive to be the best for eight more years and beyond. I don’t know how long I will continue to be involved daily at AZREIA. I know I enjoy it immensely and look forward to evolving AZREIA in the years to come.

 I hope you will come out on November 8th and celebrate AZREIA 8th Anniversary. It will be a lot of fun and entertaining. We will also do what we always do, provide you important information and knowledge that will assist your real estate investing.

 Smarter Investing,

Alan Langston