It’s Time, Take Advantage Now!!

The time has finally come when AZREIA will need to raise its renewal membership rates. Since AZREIA began in 2002, our membership renewal rates have not changed. Not one penny! Keeping our membership rates the same have been a source of pride – something we have bragged about! If you think for a minute, how the cost of things have risen since 2002 (a loaf of bread was $5.00 in 2002 and is $7.74 today – an increase of 55%! We are not going up anywhere near that!) It is pretty amazing we have been able to control costs and keep our rates constant for such a long period of time.

About four years ago, we implemented the AZREIA Investor Plus Membership, adding the Phoenix Real Estate Club and subgroup meetings into the membership. That allowed us to actually reduce renewal membership cost including the additional meetings by $36 a year. So, for those of you under the PLUS membership, this small increase will keep us under the price of where we were back in 2014.

Increased cost is the reason behind the rate increase. Our operating costs have increased over the years, led by higher meeting facility costs in Phoenix and Tucson.

We are increasing renewal rates a very modest $20 per year. We will be raising our membership rate for new Investor Members from $179 to $199 and our Plus Member rates from $219 to $239.  We are leaving the spouse/additional family member renewal rate at $50, and the business partner renewal rate at $99.

Our new renewal rate structure will look like this:

AZREIA Investor Member AZREIA $169

Investor PLUS Member $209

I am keeping my promise to give ample notice of the change. New renewal rates will go into effect on December 1, 2018. This will provide you the opportunity to renew ahead of your normal schedule and effectively delay the impact of the new rate. (For example, let’s say your renewal date is February 1, 2019. If you choose, member services can process your renewal prior to December 1, 2018, and lock in your rate through January 31, 2020.) If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to lock in your current rate for another year, please call our office at 480-990-7092.

Our promise remains that we will not increase the price of any AZREIA membership, education or service unless it is absolutely necessary. AZREIA will remain the home of market information, education and support for the independent real estate investing community. We will continue to offer education and support at exceptional pricing and extremely high value.

AZREIA has been assisting real estate investors for over 16 years and we plan on continuing our efforts for many decades to come! Thank you for being part of AZREIA and your continuing support.

Alan Langston
Executive Director