Understanding the basics is the first step to building a solid foundation for your real estate investing.

If you are new or really struggling to get your real estate investing career off the ground, AZREIA’s two Getting Started classes will make a difference. You need a foundation. You need to learn a new language. You need to understand the basics. You need to look, act and talk like a real estate investor as fast as you can. The knowledge you gain through these classes will be carried with you throughout your investing. Other education will be easier for you to understand and retain.

Getting Started Classes:

Success Factors – This really isn’t a class. It is about transferring knowledge and being sure you know what it takes to be a successful real estate investor. Alan Langston, AZREIA’s Executive Director, judges AZREIA success not by the number of members, but by the success of our members. It is why he teaches this session. Areas are covered in a ‘what it takes to be successful’ way, not fully taught. Here is what is covered in a fast paced, hard hitting, candid two hours:

  1. The 6 Critical Success Factors
  2. Separating Fact From Myth in Real Estate Investing
  3. Understanding Different Investing Strategies
  4. Education You Need Versus Unnecessary Education
  5. Mentors – What You Need to Understand
  6. Building Your Team
  7. Finding Deals – What Works
  8. Getting Money for Deals
  9. Leveraging the Market Update
  10. Networking
  11. Look Out!
  12. Your Next Steps

Fast Start Fundamentals – The complete foundation to starting your real estate investing career including introduction to all types of real estate investing transactions, completing a business plan, understanding investment financing, entity formation, finding & researching investment property, exit strategies, team building and networking. (7+ Hours)

What to know where you stand? What you know and don’t know. Take our test. It will help you to identify your investing areas that need work and where you need to focus your education. It is broad in scope.