WHAT IF…….the real estate market was at a prime, with properties available for sale significantly lower than the original sales price? According to Jeremy Figgins, residential real estate auction expert, listing bank owned homes for J.P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo Bank, Lasalle Bank, City Bank and Washington Mutual Bank, ”We are seeing 15-30 properties per day that fall within our strict parameters of purchasing buy and hold investment properties. Those strict parameters include cash flow, rent ability, location, and overall condition of the property.”

 WHAT IF…….There was financing and funds available, “hard money”, as well as USE of your IRA, REITs and Investment groups that specialize in residential real estate investing to maximize your investing dollar? According to Roger Simard, Certified Financial Planner™, [Roger Simard] There are several groups lending money right now on properties with some cash down from the buyer, however, don’t overlook your own retirement plan. You can buy investment real estate with your IRA or your 401(k) rollover. It is a simple to apply, easy to manage approach that can help you maximize your retirement plan’s diversification and income/growth opportunity. You can also utilize special entities that allow you to add your funds, whether IRA on non-IRA, into holding companies that can give you ownership of multiple properties. These entities can utilize little or no debt in the acquisition and therefore reduce the holding risk of income properties. This can really add to the diversification and risk management aspects of your investment dollar.

 WHAT IF……You could set up your LLC when your investment property was purchased and handle the business set up, any rent ready work needed on the property, and set up the property management, maintenance, advertize your property nationally and internationally and have it leased in forty-five days or less? If properties priced right, are in good condition, 3-4 bedrooms, at least 2 baths, 2 car garage, and in MESA, TEMPE, GILBERT, CHANDLER or SCOTTSDALE, they rent within the first 30 days they are on the market for lease.  

 WHAT IF……This REALLY is the optimum time in this economy to invest in residential real estate? Even with all of the negative ramifications of the real estate and banking industry, there is a positive market situation for the astute real estate investor NOW. In fact the current market in the Phoenix, Arizona area is so good that, there is significant capital coming in from foreign shores to take advantage of the residential real estate market. “Right now the affordability offered by major markets in the U.S. generally, and Phoenix specifically, we are seeing foreign buyers buy individual or multiple cash flow positive rental properties. Just last week an English journalist living in China selected three properties in Memphis and Phoenix, to optimize both cash flow and appreciation opportunities.” Quote from Andrew Waite, Personnel Investor Magazine.

 The banking industry and other reporting agencies doing the reports on the residential properties are focused on reporting the foreclosures, short sales, bankruptcies and job loss. The focus shows all the negative signals of what is currently happening within our country economically. Based on the parameters they have it seems that it is difficult to show the actual negative as well as the positive sectors in this economy. There is the positive side to this scenario. The smart money is “Buying low and selling High”, the most basic of economic strategies. This residential real estate market in the Phoenix area is like a rare alignment of the planets, it is rare and remarkable, and worth serious consideration.