What? You haven’t heard of this device before? I am not surprised. Most game changing tools are kept from Americans for far too long by the parties that would be negatively affected by the reality of their existence. No, this is not a smart phone. It is a smart IRA. It is intended for investors who value something different. Something they can personalize and make their own, that allows them to express themselves financially.

What does the Vantage iRAX offer differently than your current IRA? A virtual unlimited list of alternative investment choices which allow you to customize your retirement portfolio applications and maximize its tax advantageous prowess. Let me guess, you feel a sense of comfort with your current “StockBerry” IRA. You’ve been using it for years and although it keeps dropping in value, you resist making the switch because it represents change, and you don’t like change. Your life is busy enough, right? You feel like you don’t have the time to learn about the iRAX’s features and benefits. The fact that the major IRA carriers don’t offer it only reinforces your resistance to embrace making the switch.

As with most revolutionary movements, it takes time for the masses to gain the courage to make changes from the status quo. There is comfort in numbers and until “the herd” is on board with the new device, the reality is that most people are perfectly content with sticking to what they have, even if they are unhappy with its performance. Over a decade ago, Blackberries ruled the world of mobile devices. Now they are practically obsolete and those who still use them serve as punch lines among their friends, co-workers and family members. The Apple iPhone promised something different and it took years before the world took notice. Today, however, the stories of people camping out in front of Apple stores across the nation in anticipation for the newest iPhoneX launch makes cover stories in every media outlet on a global scale. That’s an amazing shift in a short period of time. The same has happened with Self-Directed IRAs.

When Vantage became a Business Associate at AZREIA over thirteen years ago, practically no one had heard or was using a Self-Directed IRA to invest in real estate. Now, however, the level of adoption by AZREIA’s members is dramatically positive. As surprising as it may seem, it makes total sense. Why? Because when a device delivers on its promise of making our financial lives better while providing a user experience that is personal and simple, it creates fanatical advocates of its users and they can’t help but share their satisfaction with anyone who will listen.

Vantage is the “Apple” of IRA companies. We are investing in the infrastructure, technology and people required to be the leader of this movement. With the holiday season behind us, real estate investors all over the country are eager to learn about what the new Vantage iRAX offers and to contemplate if having a Smart IRA that puts maximum investment control and freedom at their fingertips validates making the switch from their StockBerry IRA once and for all. A familiar statement by Apple iPhone users is “I kick myself for not converting sooner and I can’t image having any other phone today.” Vantage IRA clients feel the same.

If you haven’t done so already, join the iRAX movement today! If you already have a Vantage iRAX, please continue to share your wonderful experience with all your investing friends, family and co-workers

By J.P. Dahdah Chief Executive Officer
Vantage Self-Directed Retirement Plans