Part 2 – Fix n Flip vs. Buy & Hold (cont’d)

In part one of this article series we discussed some of the pros and cons, along with some commonly overlooked variables and costly mistakes many newcomers make when it comes to fixing and flipping houses. In part 2, I want to discuss how those who create true wealth do so by leveraging their assets to ensure long term growth as opposed to trying to make a quick buck flipping houses.

Question? Do you know the rate of return you’re getting right now from your real estate investments?

If not, that’s ok. You’re not alone. Most people have no idea. So what I’d like to do is illustrate the type of returns you could and should be getting by using some simple math.

Let’s say you and I came across 2 identical houses. They sit right next door to each other. They are both priced at $200,000. And we’re each going to buy one and rent them out.

I decide to pay all cash ($200k) for mine. But you put 20% down ($40k) and take out a conventional mortgage for the remaining $160k at 4.5 to 5% interest. We’re now both collecting monthly rents. I have no loan. And you have a loan for $160,000.

So who has more positive cash flow?

Well, I have $200k negative cash flow from day one, which no amount of rent will ever recover very quickly,which brings me to my first point that positive cash flow can be a HUGE misnomer.

Granted, this isn’t likely to happen, but to keep the math simple, let’s just say both properties go up in value by 10% or $20k, in the first year. What is the rate of return in year one for each of us?

By dividing the return of $20k by the amount invested, we can see that I would generate a 10% return on my investment. BUT you would generate 5 times that for a 50% return because you only paid $40,000 for the property and you have a tenant paying off the other 80%.

So who really has the higher rate of return? Obviously, you do!

The 3rd and final point I’d like to make is that both houses will double in value over a period of time. It may take 10 or 15 years or more. But I’m sure we both agree that at some point, both will double in value. At which point, both houses will be worth $400,000.

And I will have made $200k. BUT you could, and probably would, have bought 5 houses by leveraging that same $200k, which would produce a combined value of $1 Million or more.

So, the BIG TAKEAWAY is that you want to take the money you have and leverage it as many times as you can.

In part 3 of this article series, we’ll be using data directly from the Multiple Listing Service to emphasize the true potential of this strategy. We will also further demonstrate that if you’re not making at least a 40% to 60% Annual Return on your real estate investment, you’re probably doing something wrong!

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by Laura Leatherdale