It’s Been 15 Years…Time for a Change

AZREIA is evolving. No other organization has positively impacted the lives and success of real estate investors like AZREIA since 2002. Candidly, I never thought I’d change AZREIA’s mission in any dramatic way. Just like everything else, the demands from our members, the changes in the market and the opportunities available to investors have all change extensively and AZREIA need to change with them.

AZREIA is adapting to more directly assist our members with implementation. Yes, we will maintain our commitment to education, market information, networking and support. We are going to focus more on you, our member, successfully implement your individual needs to reach your goals.

We are going to do this in several ways:

  1. Launch Pad: Officially available beginning last month, this 5-step program takes new investors through a process to develop their Optimal Investing Plan considering their primary objective, aptitude, current skill base, education, available time and resources. Months in development, this is the first comprehensive process we are aware of to focus new investors in a way to significantly improve their opportunity of success and take months off the process to making their first investment. There is a reasonable charge to participate. You may schedule your session by calling the office.
  2. AZREIA Show: Informational and education bi-monthly shows on an array of different topics delivered on AZREIA’s Facebook page and through our YouTube channel. Beginning in March, expect at least two AZREIA Shows a month on topics for investors just getting started and advanced information, as well.
  3. Mentor Referral Program: Many new investors believe a mentor is their best and fastest way to learn to be an investor. Based on AZREIA having a working knowledge of the individual’s needs through Launch Pad or other means, we will be able to make suggestions on the mentor or coaach the investor should consider. AZREA has come to know many coaches, trainers and mentors over the years. We will use that knowledge and understanding to make considered referral. Naturally, you will need to make you own decision considering you own unique needs.
  4. Business Referral Program: Our Business Associate Program will be changed and expanded to help our member seek out business that can provide services and products the investor has determined to outsource. Through coming changes to the AZREIA website and with a more direct individual approach with our members, we will make it easier for members to find the skills they need.
  5. Trades List: Members are constantly looking for companies and people in every area that keeps or makes a property operational. We will continuously survey our members for trades people and companies that provide these services that we can put on this list. Members will need to make their own informed decision about whether to use anyone on the list.
  6. Passive Investing: We will bring more education and information on passive investing. Beginning this month with a focus on crowdfunding we will be looking for investment types that suit members looking for little to no involvement in the investment. AZREIA will not endorse any specific investment opportunity, but will provide information on the type of investment and bring opportunities for our members to learn about and make their own investment decision.
  7. Education: We are planning a major expansion of educational components to deliver more education more often. We are looking at more live sessions at the conference center, webinars for shorter topics and expanding the “Drill Down” concept. Much of this is still in the planning stage, but we want to offer education more on your schedule when you need it.

This is an aggressive undertaking to say the least. I feel strongly that every one of these additions will benefit AZREIA members. Look for more details on each program, soon.

Smarter investing,

Alan Langston