I’ve been running AZREIA for ten years. I doubt anyone has talked to, counseled or motivated as many people who want to be real estate investors as I have. Oh, the stories I have heard!

Over the last few years it has been easy like picking up lost change on the street. Cheap houses were everywhere, tenants plentiful and profits pretty easy. As our market has improved I am seeing more people attracted to real estate investing as a way to achieve their goals and objectives. That is a good thing as real estate investing is unique in that it truly can help anyone who is willing to do what is necessary for success. Face it. Not everyone can be a major league baseball pitcher and throw a baseball 96mph and hit the corner of the plate. But, everyone can be a successful real estate investor.

As someone new to investing in real estate it is hard to find the truth and get the facts, as they apply specifically to you. I want to change that. I am going to provide you with a complete understanding of real estate investing strategies, how each works and what it takes to be successful in each one. No BS. Truly what you should expect, how much time it will take you, and what results are possible based on the effort you give it. I will tell you your possibility of success based on what you are willing to commit. I will share what additional education you will need, and what it will cost you, based on how you want to be trained. I will tell you the truth about the ramp up cycle required reach your goals. At the end I will tell you if real estate investing is for you.

This session isn’t about what to do or how to do it. It is about what it will take to be successful. Is wholesaling, rehabbing, income property, paper or a combination right for you? What does it take in each to accomplish your goals? Based on the time and money you have, or don’t have, what will it take to make it work? How long will it take?

This is going to take a full day. It will be very intense. The class size will be limited to ensure individual participation. When you leave you will understand what it will take for you to be a full or part-time real estate investor. You will understand the time and money commitment. You will know your odds of success. You will be challenged. When you leave your head will hurt, but it will be a good hurt, as you will know what’s next.

The cost is $300 per person or couple. The information is priceless. The dollar savings are incalculable. The time savings will be measured in months not days. This session is only for the serious. Join me on August 25th.