Whether you’re new to investing or you’ve been around the block a time or two (or twenty), each one of us learns from others. AZREIA provides an in-depth way of conveying the information you need and opportunities to help you learn from others. One of the most popular ways of doing this is providing a panel of active and successful real estate investors. A panel is precisely what we are having at our August meeting so we can learn what these real estate investors are doing to be successful in today’s market.

At our meeting on Monday, August 9th, our expert panel is made up of AZREIA members who will be there specifically to share their knowledge and experiences. You will learn how different strategies work in acquiring different deals. The requirements for finding deals, and how to market them, can vary greatly between strategies, so there will be representation from the rental, wholesaling, fix and flip, and vacation rental areas of investing providing you information on a wide variety of real estate deals happening right now.

The ability to close deals can be challenging, especially because of the variations of requirements among strategies. However, deals are being made, closings are happening, and it is important, for you as an investor, to pick the brains of those who are doing them. If you are struggling at all with finding, structuring, acquiring, negotiating, fixing, or closing any deals, then you need to come prepared to ask the questions you need from our panelists who have done it, are doing it, and will likely do it again next week. It’s important you figure out what is working and what is not working to help you make calculated, informed decisions. Learning from their experience is invaluable so you don’t make pricey mistakes! They’ve already made them, so let them tell you how to avoid them and save your pockets some undue burden. Better yet, they’ve also made the great decisions and had the lucrative ideas, too! Learn from what they did and how they did it so you can do it and reap the benefits of their wisdom. It’s never too late to learn new tricks!

Our panel is one for the books. We are bringing together five all-star AZREIA members whom we believe have the extremely valuable experience you can benefit from hearing about. All our panelists have exceptional long-term experience in investing in the Arizona market as well as multiple out of state markets. On our panel is Mike Del Prete, who is consistently successful in finding deals for wholesale, rentals, and vacation rentals and facilitates the Beginning Investor subgroup. Marcus Maloney, invests locally, out of state and is a great wholesaler. Debbie Kruger is a very successful and experienced fix and flip investor. Bob Gomez is our leader of the Fix and Flip subgroup and a seasoned fix and flip investor and wholesaler. Garrick O’Connell, the Income Property Owners Subgroup leader, is a highly experienced rentals/buy and hold investor. So, join us on the 9th so you can take advantage of this opportunity to learn from these panelists!

Smarter Investing,

Alan Langston