Question: I have a tenant in a property who paid the first month’s rent but has refused to sign a lease and refused to pay any more rent.  At this point, is he a trespasser and can I throw him out?

Answer: Once you have given a person keys to your unit and they have paid you rent, you have a lease with them – it’s just an oral lease and not a written one.  It’s irrelevant that you drafted a written lease, if they haven’t signed it.  In such a case, you have a month-to-month tenancy at a set rental amount of what they paid you, with no deposit.  Therefore, a landlord would be wise to immediately serve a 5 day notice for non-payment of rent.  It’s important that you don’t ask for late fees though, because late fees are only awardable when they are provided in a written contract.  At the same time the landlord should serve a 30 day notice to terminate the lease at the end of the next month.  A.R.S. § 33-1375.  This ensures that even if the tenant pays the monthly rent, they would still have to vacate because their month-to-month agreement is terminated.  The lesson here is to always have a tenant sign a lease before delivering possession.  Don’t give the prospective tenant keys just to “store” their belongings because before you know it – they may just move in without a lease.

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