“Lights, Camera, Action!” The famous saying that has broadcasted throughout the movie industry for decades also holds true in real estate. Think about it; there’s some real estate wisdom buried in those three words. Using lights, camera, action, or rather vision, focus, action will take your real estate career to new heights.

Lights! A director’s first task is to make sure the scene is set and lit properly to portray the VISION. On the movie set lighting can be one of the most expensive aspects and can be very time-consuming to set up, but it’s a step that cannot be skipped. This too is a step that needs to be in place in your real estate career. In any project, you need to have your vision lit up so you can clearly see and follow the plan. Use your vision to create a properly constructed “set” that is perfectly illuminated with clear planning.

Camera! Now the director makes sure the camera is in position. The director knows exactly where to point and FOCUS the camera to capture the vision they want. In real estate, there can be a lot of moving pieces that can shift your focus into another direction. Use your camera to focus in, or even to zoom out to see the big picture. You may have to adjust the lens or switch the angle, but just remember if the vision becomes blurry, give yourself the time to readjust to keep the big picture in focus. Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, and Tyler Perry were all told their vision would never make it, but they succeeded because they never lost focus.

Action! Before the film starts rolling and the actors and actresses start acting, the director has already seen the scene in their head. If a gesture or line is off, they know it immediately. It’s the same in business; you must know the actions needed and execute them to make the scene work.

As we enter 2022, I encourage you to take on Vision, Focus, Action.

What separates those who achieve their goals from those who don’t are they realize that the decisive moments of their lives aren’t just in the once-a-year big goal-setting sessions.

They’re in the countless small decisions they make and actions they take every single day that keep them on target toward achieving their dreams. Because, without regular and decisive action, your goals simply are not going to be achieved. Period.

Give up your excuses, don’t wait for the perfect moment, make NOW the perfect moment, and focus on taking that one first small step – and then the next, and the next, and the next – while refusing to let the fear of failure stop you in your tracks.

Smarter Investing,

Michael Del Prete

Executive Director