From the genesis of Vantage, we have been on the campaign trail educating our constituents, more commonly referred to as alternative investors, on the power of Self-Directed IRAs. We’ve done this while overcoming the opposition’s debate around what is and isn’t allowable to invest in with a tax-favored retirement account (i.e., IRA, 401(k), profit sharing plan, etc.). Traditional IRA custodians, and most financial professionals, would like for you to continue believing that the stock market is the only place you can direct your retirement savings.  Fortunately, that is simply not true. In fact, real estate is the #1 asset class held by Self-Directed IRA investors.

Legislation was recently brought to Congress that if it had passed, would have restricted IRA investors from holding alternative assets such as IRA owned LLCs and private real estate companies. Alternative investors ultimately would have been forced back into traditional stock-market based investments. We’re hopeful this scare will have a lasting impact on investors to not only be thankful that this opportunity was not taken away, but, more importantly, entice them to join the millions of other Americans who have entered the alternative investment space. If you have ever considered investing in real estate, DO NOT wait any longer to get in on the action.


Don’t have enough IRA funds to buy a property outright? Ask friends or family members if they would be interested in partnering. Thinking about fixing and flipping properties, but faced with lack of liquidity? Consider financing the fix and flip renovations through a private lending deal.

There is a huge market of untapped investment opportunities out there, you just have to be willing to find it. They won’t always find you. This is a second chance to build wealth outside of the traditional means. We believe Money is Personal™ and we will continue to share that message until it is heard by every American.

Time and opportunity aren’t something that should be taken for granted, so if you’re interested in learning more about investing your IRA into real estate or other alternative investments, contact us at

Happy investing!