AZREIA’s Community Program is designed to involve the association, its members and the broader real estate investing community in worthwhile community programs or projects that delivers a valuable service to the community, creates a “sense of community” within the AZREIA, provides value to our members that participate and promotes AZREIA’s positive vision and mission. Stardust Building Supplies and Habitat for Humanity are the ideal organizations for AZREIA to support and are worthy of your support as well.

(A personal note from Alan Langston, Executive Director, AZREIA – I know you have personal charities that you support as do I. Personally, I never cross my personal charities with the professional ones. Giving back to your industry is important just as providing for personal causes is important. I trust you find our relationship and support of Habitat for Humanity and Stardust Building Supplies worthy of your participation with your charitable dollars or your valuable time. Thank you for your consideration.)

Adopt-a-Home Sponsor for Habitat for Humanity – Valley of the Sun

AZREIA’s announced its first Community Program in 2005. Habitat fulfilled all of the criteria we have in place to select a program or project. In this case we are able to give back to the community by helping a deserving family with a hand up and not a hand out, provide the opportunity for our members to volunteer their time while learning home building skills, and promote AZREIA positive vision and mission to a greater community.

With the support of our members and Business Associates, we completed our first Adopt-a-Home in December 2006. Many of our members volunteered their time to build the home. We are grateful for their efforts. To our knowledge, we are the only REIA in the country to entirely fund and build a complete home. at some point in the future, we envision building multiple homes a year.

We have begun fund raising for our second Adopt-a-Home. Your donation, up to $200 single or $300 couple, qualifies for a full state tax credit under the low income housing tax credit provisions. This means your donation is taken straight off your taxes – dollar for dollar! Above $200 or $300 your donation still qualifies for a tax deduction or you may roll forward state tax credit for up to five years.

Donations may be in the form of a check made payable to Habitat for Humanity or by credit card on Habitat’s website: Please be sure to indicate AZREIA on your donation so the funds will go to our home. As we raise funds for future homes we will be assigned a family and a building schedule. At that time we will request volunteers to help in building the home.

Thank you for your support of this very deserving project.

Stardust Building Supplies

Many of our members support Stardust Building Supplies through utilization of their de-construction service. Rehabbers and contractors have an alternative to costly, time-consuming demolition with Stardust Deconstruction. Stardust provides free site demolition and removal to Phoenix-area rehabbers. When a rehabber is going into a new project he only needs to call Stardust Building Supplies. They will send out their own team of trained and skilled removal technicians, who will dismantle the project site and haul it away free of charge.

For example, let’s say you are going to install a new kitchen. All of the old kitchen’s fixtures need to be removed before the project can begin. Normally, they would be ripped out, tossed into dumpsters and carted off to local landfills. But, you call Stardust Building Supplies, this is what happens instead: their team arrives at the job-site and carefully removes all the old fixtures in the existing kitchen including countertops, cabinets, cabinet doors, hardware, flooring, stoves, ovens, refrigerators . . . they even take the kitchen sink.

The newly removed items are then brought to one of Stardust Building Supplies’ two locations where they are repaired, refurbished and cleaned. Then the items are placed for sale in the store, where they can be purchased at a fraction of the original cost and used by area landlords or homeowners in need. With Stardust Deconstruction services, you save valuable man-hours ripping out and removing a kitchen while hundreds of cubic feet of landfill space are conserved. Also, landlords and local residents in need of good-as-new, low-cost kitchen fixtures can now improve their homes for much less money.

Here is one member’s testimonial:

I almost can’t believe what Stardust did for us this morning! They showed up at our rehab house at 6:30 AM and almost did a complete tear out & removal! They stripped the kitchen & both bathrooms and took doors & light fixtures that we wanted to replace. Then they hauled it all away, and it cost us nothing. Then on top of that, they gave us a receipt for a tax deduction!
Also, the people that they sent were quick, efficient, and easy to get along with. What a great organization. Thanks for bringing them on board. We’ll be using them on ALL of our future rehabs. I figured you might appreciate some positive feedback. Thanks again for all you do.

Michael A. Bernock