by guest author DiAnna Jackman – Chicago Title

It’s been harder to find inventory than a pack of toilet paper in this pandemic climate we are living. One thing I have learned is that technology is definitely where it’s at when we look towards the future of real estate. Are you up to speed on everything that technology has to offer your business? We can now sign most documents for the transaction electronically. Soon online notarizations will be the way of life, and not the exception in extreme emergency. This concept of technology excites some but puts others into panic mode. It’s a great time to look at the business model you are working with and see how it may be enhanced with technology.

The new age is here and it is a wonderful thing filled with virtual meetings, virtual happy hours and more family time.

I recently found a property I liked online and wanted to see it before I pulled the trigger. I am still working on my technical skills, but I found I was able to click a button on the website to view the property. I thought it may bring up a virtual tour, but instead led me to set up an appointment to see the property all on my own. Once I registered, I was sent a code to the lock box for my own private viewing. The agent left their business cards on the counter and two weeks later the place was all mine. Now is a time to concentrate on the wave of the future. We certainly talk about it enough, but now is a time of action. If you are not deeply entrenched in technology to fuel your business model, you should be meeting with others who are more tech savvy. Meeting with investors and your title
company representatives will help give insight to see where you can implement new technology into your business. It is an exciting time hidden behind this pandemic, and we should not allow the negative to blur the new possibilities of our future!

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