Executive Directors Message

New AZREIA Membership Plans – It Could Affect You

We take extreme pride in keeping our AZREIA membership dues low. Since AZREIA started in 2002, we have never raised our Investor Member renewal dues of $149, Family Member of $50 or Business Partner of $99. In January of this year, we began running a promotion that actually reduced the cost of adding the Phoenix Real Estate Club to your AZRIA membership by $56! That’s quite a record over 14 years!

Beginning September 1, 2016, in order to reflect the value we provide to our members and guests and recognize the cost increase associated with the improved value, we are making a slight restructuring of our membership plans.

The new AZREIA Plus Membership includes the Phoenix Real Estate Club membership and full access to all AZREIA Subgroups. The annual renewal dues are $189 and while slightly higher than the promotional rate, it is still $36 less than the previous dues when adding the Phoenix Real Estate Club. This change removes the “promotional” aspect of the substantially reduced Phoenix Real Estate Club membership and acknowledges the significant value the Phoenix Real Estate Club and AZREIA subgroups provide our members.  If your membership currently includes the Phoenix Real Estate Club, you will automatically be upgraded to the Plus membership and the small adjustment will not take place until your next renewal.  Remember, there may still be a small cash only fee to the facilitators to reimburse them for any refreshments provided.

AZREIA Investor Membership renewal remains at $149. The difference is AZREIA Subgroup attendance is no longer included.   The additional add-on memberships for family members and business partners remain unchanged.

Let me explain why.  AZREIA Subgroups have always been a benefit of membership and membership is required to attend.  With the high demand for “mentors”, the value of subgroups has increased considerably – where else can you be surrounded by knowledge, expertise and commitment to an association and where there is a setting for sharing ideas and meeting like-minded investors than in these subgroup settings.  Unfortunately, some non-members figured out they could just attend subgroup meetings and never join the Association. Obviously, this is unfair to AZREIA members who acknowledge the value of Association membership and the benefits that come with it.

With the AZREIA Plus Membership and new membership cards our Subgroup Facilitators will be able to easily identify members who have subgroup privileges.  Also, with about 20% of AZREIA members attending subgroups, it seemed appropriate that those who find importance in this benefit have the ability to use it while not increasing dues for those who do not.

AZREIA has tremendous benefits including our subgroups and the value of membership has never been higher. Thank you for supporting AZREIA. If you have any questions about your membership, please give us a call at 480-990-7092 and either a member of the staff or I will be happy to help.

Alan Langston
Executive Director.