In January, I spent six days with 100+ AZREIA members in training sessions with Eddie Speed. In February, I spent another six days with 100+ AZREIA members in sessions with Robyn Thompson. I was sitting at home one night just thinking about why I enjoy AZREIA so much and why I look forward to the meetings and trainings or just meeting with individual members. It’s the people. You think you probably know why and you probably do, but I bet the order of my why will surprise you.

You are considerate. AZREIA meetings, education events and networking sessions are very well attended. You understand these sessions are for everyone and it isn’t just about you. You are always considerate of others and you are polite. These small acts help to make our events and gatherings very special. Imagine if our members were unruly and inconsiderate and how trying AZREIA sessions would be. Thank you for being considerate.

You are helpful. It would be impossible to count the number of times I have witnessed an AZREIA member helping another member. From the simplest question to the most complex negotiation there are countless examples of members helping members. If I can’t answer a question for a member, many times I know of a member that can and I will refer them. Our business associates are the same way. They know that part of their “job” for being part of AZREIA is to help our members. This can be through providing education or information or hosting sub-group meetings. Overall, it is truly amazing to watch the helping of members in action. It happens all the time.

You are engaged. I watch you in meetings, training and classes. I see you taking notes, engaging the presenter with questions or giving your own experience. You are involved and it shows. This is a reflection of how serious you are about your success.

You are truthful and honest. We treat members differently than non-members because our members have earned a high level of trust. You are honest and truthful with your sellers and buyers because you know a deal is really a deal if it doesn’t work for all parties. You know that full disclosure is important and you provide it every time.

You are respectful. Being respectful of other’s needs and time goes a long way when you need help or assistance. Showing respect and deference of another’s knowledge and experience is thoughtful and helps build relationships.

You are responsible. To me this is one of the major factors in being successful. You take responsibility for you own actions and decisions. This means you move on quick when things don’t go well. It can also mean you aren’t afraid to make decisions and take action because you know you can recover. It means you have integrity.

You are professional. Others want to be around you because they know you will act professionally in every thing you do. You are professional because you are informed and educated. You practice your craft always striving to get better.

You take action. There is an old saying around successful organizations, “Nothing happens until somebody sells somebody something.” Don’t misunderstand me. There are a lot of actions that have to be taken for a sale to take place. But, think about it. Unless somebody buys it, nothing else matters. Once somebody buys it, then all kinds of things happen. You understand you have to take action to get something done and you do.

You are appreciative. Success in real estate investing brings a lot of “riches”. Your “riches” may be control of your life, control of your time, financial security, doing what you want when you want to or many other definitions. Most of you can remember when you weren’t as well off. You also see new investors coming to AZREIA every month just getting started who haven’t achieved their “riches”, yet. You appreciate what you have gained and how your life has changed for the better. You don’t flaunt it or brag. It is a quiet success as you contemplate how fortunate you are.

Thank you for being who you are and for being part of my life. It is a pleasure.

Smarter investing,

Alan Langston