Question: If my tenant has unauthorized occupants, and I gave him a 10 day noncompliance notice, can I accept rent if it’s offered?

Answer: No, unless you get the tenant to sign a partial payment non-waiver agreement acknowledging your right to proceed with the eviction for the non-compliance. A.R.S. § 33-1371 provides that “a landlord accepting a partial payment of rent or other charges retains the right to proceed against a tenant only if the tenant agrees in a contemporaneous writing to the terms and conditions of the partial payment with regard to continuation of the tenancy.” A lot of landlords incorrectly believe that this statute only applies to non-payment of rent cases – that is incorrect. If a tenant is in breach of a lease for any reason (non-payment, non-compliance, etc.) the landlord can only accept rent and continue with an eviction if the tenant so agrees in writing. Otherwise, the landlord must reject the rent and pursue the eviction.

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