By Alan Langston, Executive Director, AZREIA

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Following are thoughts I’ve had from time to time. Some you may find meaningful. Some you may not. Maybe you have your own thoughts about my thoughts. Good because now you can go to the AZREIA blog at and voice your own opinion. Yes, we want to hear it. I used to say humorously that if you didn’t like my random thoughts to, “Get your own newsletter.” Now you don’t have to. Blog away.

Random thoughts in no particular order……

It’s election season. I guess it has been for a while now. I think a law that limits campaigning to one month prior to the primary and one month prior to the general election would be enough.

Distortion of the truth – just how stupid do our politicians think we are? The problem is they all seem to distort the truth, so we don’t have a choice – we have to vote for one of them. This disease infects the right and the left equally. Sometimes I think I would vote for the person that was straight forward. Having someone you can trust in any office from dog catcher to president is important.

People – Listen to the news or read it. Usually it is about some company or government agency that did this or that. Well, it’s not. All of those companies and government departments are run by people. People make decisions. People implement process, create laws, break laws, etc. I always wonder when I read a particular bad story who the person is that actually caused the problem.

Why don’t our schools teach basic financial education? What do you think the financial literacy rate is for high school graduates? If you graduate high school or college and don’t understand how credit works, interest, present and future value of money what chance do you have of ever exiting the rate race? If you make decisions based just on the amount of the monthly payment, you are doomed.

My delightful mother-in-law, whom I adore, always took real good care of me when we’d visit. She would cut my grapes in half to make it easier for me to “stab” them with my fork. She’d rub my feet, too. Needless to say, Joan wasn’t too thrilled. I was pretty content.

My father-in-law liked me too, usually because he could have more than one before dinner adult beverage when I was around. I was happy to be of assistance. My mother-in-law wasn’t at all pleased.

I admit I’m starting to catch up to this texting thing. It is a very convenient way to communicate when you don’t need to talk with someone. You don’t even need spell check because no one cares. Thye raelly dno’t.

I had really bad eyesight my entire life being legally blind a few times over without my contacts. About three years ago the surgery software advance to the point where I was a candidate. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t think about how well I see now. It is a miracle of modern medicine.

Arizona’s New Immigration Law – I don’t care if you are for it or against it. Just read it. You shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion if your opinion is based on someone else’s opinion. Read it first – then talk all you want.

Reminder – Buy tickets. I’ve written an entire article on this in the past. It is some of the best unsolicited advice I can give you. With all the challenges facing each of us every day you need time for yourself and family. Buy the tickets and you will take the time.

Well, I am not out of thoughts, just out of space. Remember to go to the AZREIA blog and comment on this and other postings.

Smart investing,

Alan Langston