My Niece was with her children in town for a visit this last week. One of her (almost) 4-year old boys favorite games was Red Light! Green Light! We all know how this game goes. One person calls “Red Light!” and you must FREEZE. Then they call “Green Light!” and you GO. And while the Red Light! (FREEZE) can be funny, you don’t get anywhere. After a little while everyone wants the Green Light! (GO).

It reminded me of a lot of Real Estate Investing, right now, in 2018. So many Investors are “stuck” on the Red Light! They don’t have the belief, the knowledge or the skillsets to safely and securely invest in today’s markets so they stay stuck at the Red Light!

This month is going to be all about getting to the Green Light! and Go, Go, Go!

Three Fast Track Steps to Going to the Green Light!
1) Belief – Make sure your Attitude and Beliefs are Conducive to Success. Too many people are filled with doubts and “stories” that prevent them from taking action. Start your day off on a positive note and be “aware” of your thoughts and beliefs and consciously make yourself think and believe better about your chances for success. This will lead to far more Proper Action, which leads to results.

2) Knowledge – There is no doubt that there is much to know to become a “Veteran” Real Estate Investor. However, you don’t know it all and then suddenly become successful. It is a journey. You learn as you earn. If you need to “know it all” before you start, the odds are you will never start, because you will never “know it all”. Think of it as a journey. One step at a time, making money and gaining knowledge along the way. We will focus on the Knowledge to Find Deals, and the Money & Financing to do Deals. We will dramatically “Up your Game”.

3) Skillsets – Once you decide on the path that best suits your needs, then you develop the specific skillsets for that niche. Successful Investors are almost always “specialists” and not “generalists”, just like most successful companies. They have a “core” set of skillsets that they are constantly improving on and refining. We will spend lots of time in April working with people just like you to help you maximize the skillsets that will give you the greatest levels of success. With a heavy emphasis on finding deals in today’s market and finding the money to do those deals!

We look forward to a great month of learning with AZREIA. Make sure to come check us out at the April Monthly Meetings and then at our follow up sessions. I know it will be a very powerful time for all involved. Here’s to getting you to the GREEN LIGHT!!!

by John Burley