I am most proud of the relationships AZREIA has cultivated over the last 18 years. These vital connections provide you, our members, with unparalleled information, education and data critical to your business as an investor. This is true whether you own one property or hundred, whether you Fix & Flip, wholesale, own income property or notes.

What do I mean? The last four months have highlighted some of the most important relationships and what they mean to you. If you’ve attended our Zoom meetings or read your emails, think back to the data and, more importantly, the analysis Tina Tamboer of the Cromford Report provided specifically to you as an investor. Where else could you have procured that information? Nowhere! Think about the preciseness of information Mark Zinman has shared about the Governor’s Executive Order on Evictions along with his direction on what you needed to do to ensure you were in the best position. Also, Barbara Habbeshaw’s timely information of rental property operations during these fast changing and challenging times. But that’s not all.

The information in our monthly newsletter, The AZREIA Advantage, from our author experts has kept you informed and up to date on everything from comping property, to changes in closing procedures, the latest legal issues and exposures, impacts on insurance coverages, self-directed IRAs and the rapidly changing lending market. But even that’s not all.

Just this year, though our long-term relationships with the best educators and trainers in the business, we provided advanced education on creative deal structuring, notes investing, rehabbing, rental ownership and management and seller financing. Coming up the rest of this year is mobile home and mobile home park investing, very advanced creative deal structuring, and finding deals and getting them closed. All practical learning focused on today’s market challenges. But you guessed it, that’s not even all.

We found ways to continue all our networking sessions like Haves & Wants through virtual means as we know and understand the importance of continuing to connect with your fellow investors. Our exceptional subgroups continued to meet with the normal exception of some off time in the summer. It is impossible to calculate the value of meeting with other investors, even virtually, on individual investing area like income property, notes, fix & flip, and assisted living along with a separate group for new investors.

When things shift as rapidly as they did because of something so unexpected like a pandemic and the associated shutdown, that is when you find out just how strong your relationships are. There is a new meaning to an old word – essential. I feel AZREIA has proven over the last few month that we are, in fact, essential to real estate investors. I strongly believe that we would not be essential without the continuing support of people like Tina, Mark, Barbara, our educators, and our subgroup leaders. They have our sincere thanks and we are very grateful for those relationships.

Smarter investing,

Alan Langston