In this month’s article I want to talk about The Equity Finders Smart Map ARV Comping System and how you can gain an unfair advantage when it comes to locating and researching profitable real estate deals.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles and training videos, most investors already know that when you’re in the business of fixing and flipping houses, your profits are typically made on the buying side of the equation. Your short-term profits can be fairly predetermined by knowing the properties’ ARV (After Repair Value) along with the cost of doing the repairs. In short, your profits come in the form of equity minus repair costs and closing fees.
For investors with rental properties, the equation is much different. For one thing, it’s not imperative that you even buy a “fixer” property. Provided you price your rental in line with the comparable rentals in the area, you can purchase a ready to rent home and have it rented out before you even close. And your long-term profits will inevitably come in the form of equity as the property value appreciates over the years.

In either case, our Smart Map ARV Comping System gives you an unfair advantage by providing you with accurate, up-to-date data. What sort of data? The short answer is everything you need to determine whether a specific property will be a profitable flip, rental or not at all BEFORE stepping foot outside the door to visit the property.

Having access to view each and every low to high comparable within a mile of your subject property, is just the beginning! Smart Map shows you everything, including currently listed, non-qualifying and distressed properties from the MLS. Quick reference links provide easy access to verify the home or lot square footage, view tax details, deed documents and other pertinent information.

What about adjusted values for pools, carports and garages? It’s all there! Rental data? Absolutely!!! Smart Map scours the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) all day, every day to provide you with the most accurate, up to the minute data.

Need to run your own comps for an off-market property? Once again, absolutely! It’s available at your fingertips. Along with “on demand” investor reports and CMAs, Smart Map leaves no stone un-turned.

And the good news is that all of this is available as a free service to our clients right now. Visit our website today for complete details at:

by Laura Leatherdale