I bet you are just like me. In our life, we develop skills and we actually get better over time with experience. Right? Wrong? Actually, both are true. It just depends on what you are talking about, so let’s talk about real estate investing. Trust me, my golf game seems to get worst every year and there is nothing more boring than listening to someone talk about their golf game, so we won’t go there. Back to real estate.

There is no excuse not to be better at real estate investing each and every day. All you have to do is not become complacent. It has been said by many people, many different ways, that average is the enemy of great and that is true. In real estate investing anyone can be great at it. I find the enemy of great in real estate investing is complacency. In many ways it is self-fulfilling. Here’s what I mean.

I preach, as do many others, the importance of planning to achieve your objectives. So, you plan and then you execute on your plan and then things start to happen and you reach some or all of your objectives. Okay, I over-simplify, but the fact is in most cases if you execute on a solid plan and follow time proven business practices you are usually successful. Now, what do you do? Therein lies the conundrum. Great word, conundrum.

Achieving your objectives isn’t the same thing as reaching your potential and achieving your own best greatness. So, is there a problem. Maybe – maybe not. Will you feel regret later in life if you don’t reach your full potential in real estate investing?
And if you will feel regret, will you be able to live with it. Conundrum.

Many are drawn to real estate investing by the allure of living the life style they desire. Once achieved, why do more even if you haven’t reached your potential? Great question. The answer is personal.

I happen to admire both answers. Those who reach their objectives and live each day in the manner they wish are to be celebrated. They planned, worked hard, were successful and now choose to enjoy. In a nut shell, that is kind of why we do it. I don’t consider this an act of complacency – far from it. It is a life well planned and well lived. Those who reach their objective and then say they want to achieve more are to be celebrated, as well. Success tends to bring opportunity, so why not go for more and do more with your life. A word of caution. It is best to know your “enough” number, so you know when to celebrate. Even if you choose to go for more, it does you good to recognize your success. It will help you deal with the “more” you will achieve.

Regardless of which you decide on, isn’t it nice real estate investing offers the opportunity for you to decide.

by Alan Langston