AZREIA’s Start Here! Program is designed with three paths.

Are you an AZREIA member new to real estate investing? Maybe a little confused on how or where to start? AZREIA wants to get you off to the fastest start possible and has designed a process to give you an excellent opportunity for success. We know you have a lot of questions and may need a lot of help. The New Investor path is designed for you.

If you have a few deals under your belt, it is now more about increasing your profitability or making your day a little easier. AZREIA can help you. We have compiled a list of items and activities you should consider and other suggestions on how AZREIA can help you. This Experienced Investor path is for you.

The third path is for investors who aren’t members of AZREIA. We understand that you haven’t made up your mind to be a member of AZREIA or maybe you aren’t sure you want to be a real estate investor. You need more information. Not a problem! This path will help you decide.

As real estate investors, we know your needs are different and we want to help you in the best way we can.   There is no cost to register for the Start Here! Program.  There may be costs associated with some classes if you choose to register for the class.

Please choose your path:


New Investor Real Estate Knowledge Test