Help for Non-Members

Naturally we can help you more if you are an AZREIA member, but there are several things you can do as a non-member.

  1. Review the Success Factors under Start Here for either the New or Beginning Investor or Experienced Investor for AZREIA members as these factors are relevant to successful investing.
  2. You may attend AZREIA meetings as a guest. There is a reasonable guest fee.
  3. The Market Update is presented at our Monthly Meetings, so you are able to receive this valuable information. (Only members may download and use the charts and data.)
  4. You may meet AZREIA Business Associates in the Tradeshow during our Monthly Meetings. This will give you access to exceptional product and service providers that the best real estate investors use.
  5. Networking at our Monthly Meetings is unsurpassed. As a non-member you may take full advantage of this opportunity.
  6. Non-members may Post Property and have it automatically emailed to all 1900+ AZREIA members. There is a small fee for this valuable service.
  7. Please enjoy our Blog of interesting articles by industry experts.
  8. Chart of the Day is available for viewing by non-members. Each short video contains valuable information about our market. Just click on the brown tab at the top of the Home Page.
  9. You may take the New Investor Real Estate Knowledge Quiz to understand what you know or more importantly, where you need to focus your education. Click the link below.
  10. The best way we can help you is to convince you to become a member. Our benefits are extensive. Our average member receives about $1000 in annual rebates from The Home Depot. Discounts on education and services/products from our Business associates ensure you save big. Every AZREIA member should receive many times their annual dues back just through our rebates and discounts. Being an AZREIA member makes you money.

New Investor Real Estate Knowledge Quiz